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  1. Ha! Whoops. I didn't see it when Aaron posted it either. Please delete then. Thanks.
  2. Focuses on pipes but it is a great article well worth reading-
  3. Last night- an 02 Punch Ninfa given to me from a generous member. Outstanding.
  4. These days I like to bring cigars that I love- which makes the overall experience that much better. The satisfaction is compounded by having a great cigar in hand while playing. I will bring a wide variety so that way I can grab something that fits the mood, length of time that I want to smoke, etc. My first tee cigar is usually a Lusitania, Upmann no.2 or an Imperiales. Back nine could be a couple of RASCC, a Des Dieux, a few Shorts, or something like that. I can't wait for this season to begin over here...Hit 'em straight!
  5. Welcome to you. Hopefully this summer we will be putting together a NY/NJ Herf at some point. Enjoy.
  6. '12 Half Corona- fantastic. Perfect draw...lots have been wind tunnels but this one was excellent '03 Des Dieux- rarely a let down '07 HUC no.1- decent,but probably my least favorite Upmann
  7. Upmann no.2- very tasty and relatively consistent.
  8. Great review, thanks. The Upmann no.2 is one of my top 3 favorite cigars...I had a couple of boxes with the same code and they were really fantastic. Wish they were still around. Thanks again. Good reading.
  9. Looks awesome, thanks Ben. Very cool Rob and co. donated some cool stuff to you guys...thanks for putting up the pics. Looks like a killer time was had by all.
  10. '12 Short '12 RASCC '03 HDM Des Dieux. Smoking really, really great.
  11. '10 ERDM CS- wind tunnel. Disappointing. '02 QDO Gran Corona- good so far, but nothing like the 06's
  12. Welcome Trevor. Enjoy....see you at the LFTH's

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