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  1. I am in Chicago for work this week and found out about Chef Trotter died here, at his home, yesterday morning. I went to eat at a restaurant last night that was strongly influenced by him and the mood was somber and of shock. He turned the culinary world in the States on its' head in the 80's and changed dining, here, forever in a fantastic way. His passing is very sad- especially those of us in the industry.,
  2. It is a sad loss. He was one in a billion...RIP Lou Reed.
  3. Just picked up this 72 reissue. Plays for an ej signature strat sunburst.
  4. ^ That is amazing...thanks for posting that. Incredible...coolest thing i've seen in a long time.
  5. Lots of Eric Johnson...and Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii - amazing film
  6. Welcome to you. I would gladly trade some cigars with you for some help with the driver...
  7. 01 black prince after work. Sensational. Now an 09 Qdo corona. Excellent
  8. Fantastic review and pictures. Thanks for sharing it. Amazing work.
  9. Welcome to you and congratulations. Where in NorCal? I did an apprenticeship in Yountville and lived in Napa proper for a little while. Love northern California big time.
  10. Good luck to you in all that you do. I don't know you personally either, but you will be missed for sure. Hope you come by the forum on occasion to check in.
  11. Usually birthdays are nice but I don't make a big deal of them- especially at 42 - but today was extra special. These arrived on my actual birthday- just when I started to get worried...both are from 1998
  12. Hey Jimmy. Good to see you here. Enjoy.
  13. Movie- Django Unchained Food- Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and Garlic folded in Cigar- RASCC since it is raining.

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