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  1. Great topic. I stayed in Epoisses and ate tons of their cheese while staying there. Fantastic cheese and town...some of my favorites are: roaring 40's blue, parmagiano reggiano for sure, cave-aged gruyere, and some excellent local cheeses from Bobolink dairy. They make some exceptional cheeses with raw milk from their pastured cows.
  2. RIP and comfort to his loved ones.
  3. Congratulations to you and yours! Great health to you all.
  4. My favorite cigar right there...I had one on the drive back home tonight. Always fantastic.
  5. Welcome, good to see you aboard.
  6. That's awesome, Ken. Glad you had such a great time!
  7. Happy Birthday Smithy. Hope all is going well for you.
  8. Welcome from the shore, Dan. Where in NJ are you? Enjoy.
  9. ^ thanks. These pics are from my favorite time of the day- the calm before the storm. Here is where the pics end. Haha...during service it is intense so there's no more time after this...this dining room was one of six that we served at the same time...anyway, we had fun and I hope everyone that celebrates today did too. Time to put my feet up and smoke and daydream.
  10. ^'s a professional kitchen. I'm a working chef. Kitchen is pretty big but poorly designed. Staff of 30 and every hand is's a start to getting it underway
  11. Every year we cook a scratch meal for about 225-250 people in my kitchen for thanksgiving. It's the craziest and busiest time of year and I love it. I always take off on Friday and collapse and smoke the best cigars that I can. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, root vegetables and pumpkin pies are all done (50 of them). Tomorrow it's breaking down turkeys, gravy, de-boning hams, apple pies, peeling 2 cases of potatoes and getting all else tight. I'll take some pics tomorrow and Thursday and post them. Providing a meal and a day like this for people who can't do it for themselves anymore gives me enormous satisfaction and inspiration. I'm really grateful to be able to provide it. Thanks for the post Rob. All the best for everyone on Thanksgiving.
  12. Today marks the 50th anniversary that we lost one of the best men that this country ever produced. The media is doing a great job honoring him so I am not going to try and add to it except for this clip, for those that have not seen it. Classic cigar smoker stuff... Granted it was a different and tumultuous time... Rest in peace

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