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  1. I'm a quality engineer. I haven't done a detailed count lately but I'm probably between 800-1000 cigars.
  2. I've only seen plume on NC's. Maybe I store my CC's wrong or mine aren't old enough to have plume (oldest CC's in my box are 2006, maybe a few 2004). IMHO plume has a shiny, crystalline appearance. Almost like ice or frost; light refects off it and under magnification is has no height or structure. It will be more uniform and not spotty. Mold/mildew/fluff, whatever you wish to call it, is white to grey. It will grow in spots and under magnification it will have structures that look like threads, stalks or feathers. I think much of what is called "plume" is actually very small colonies of mildew or mold. They are usually small, harmless and generally don't affect the taste. It is unrealistic to think we can store non-sterilized organic material in 65%-70% humidity for years an not expect something to grow on it/consume it. The tobacco in our cigars is in a constant state of controlled decay that we like to call 'aging.' If it happens faster, it's called "composting." One last note, when I say "magnifcation" I don't mean taking a pic with your phone and then trying to zoom in with Photoshop. I mean 10X magnification with at minimum a high quality jewelers loop/magnifying glass and preferably a dark field stereoscope.
  3. I'm smoking one of these right now. Over time the wrapper has puckered ever so slightly; like someone who has recently lost a little weight. But the color and feel is near flawless. My box is set at 68%RH and this is probably a tad high for Cubans, but I find they age well for me at that setting. This particular cigar is giving me cedar, spicy hints of pepper and an underlying hint of cinnamon baked goods. I can go back in time and update a post about these from 8 years ago...but I can't go back in time and buy all of these that I can.
  4. » They do make this one taller too. .I can get 40 boxes in my endtable if I » had to...this will be a huge upgrade . Hey Smokum the new box sounds good. If I might make a suggestion, not only should you NOT drop the drawer I wholeheartedly recommend adding a second drawer. I love being able to move an entire box to a spot in the drawer when they become smokable, not to mention if you are like me, you have lots of loose cigars from various boxes. By putting them in the drawer they are in easy reach and lower shelves are freed up for full boxes. Here is a pic of my drawer full of singles... [link=]Link[/link]
  5. » » A few members have taken delivery of large cabinet humidors recently. » » Now that you've had a little time with them, I'm curious to know your » » thoughts. » » How are they overall, features, etc. Is there anything you might have » done » » a bit » » differently? » » Thanks for any insight. I have an Aristocrat M, Natural Cherry, plain doors, plain top with no crown molding. It's a great solid box and I've had it for 6 months. What would I have done different? It came with one upper sliding drawer standard and extra dividers, which makes a great and versatile storage solution for loose singles or for moving ready-to-smoke boxes into easy to reach. I would have gotten another one of these drawers, with extra dividers. They are just so much more versatile than a regular shelf. Next I would have made the remaining shelves sliding shelves. It would make access to the back of the shelves much easier. Temp control is a toss up for me. I keep my AC running all summer for the dog who is home alone all day, so temp isn't a huge problem. I have had the temp spike to 75-80 a few times when a chilly GF changed the AC setting. It was a tense couple of weeks checking to make sure I didn't have beetles after that. I would suggest a temp controlled unit if you don't like to run the home AC or if you live in very hot climates where the room can easily spike over 75-80 regularly or if you have a spouse or roomamte who may change the AC settings without your knowledge. Some pics after I first got it, don't worry I've since filled some of that space thanks to Rob and Lisa. [link=]My Aristocrat[/link]
  6. » A friend sent me to this place so I'm not sure how to get around here yet » -- I've been smoking cigars for at least fourty years now -- sometimes » with breaks but not for long -- I live in Texas and recognize some of the » names here -- I don't claim to be an expert on much of anything and am » always open to learning new stuff -- Butch Oh no th enoobs are taking over!
  7. » Hey guys, Im new to this forum and I just wanted to say whats up... I live » in San Diego, CA and have been smoking for a good while now. Anyways, » looks a nice forum and Im looking forward to swapping stories and just » generally BS with you guys :-D Get lost noob!
  8. I'm new here. Site was recommended by a friend and I have to say I have enjoyed reading the posts so far. First I'd like to say that I hate all of you bastards who live in sensible countries that can order whatever cigars you like, when you like with out fear of confiscation. Ok, hate is a strong word, but I envy you lucky bastards. ;-) Next, I made a resolution to smoke more Havanas and I have the feeling that through the magic of credit cards and this site I should be able to make that come true this year, at the expense of my net worth. Here's my thoughts on the RyJ PP EL 05; I love this shape, a nice robusto sized smoke with the advantage of fitting the mouth nicely. Pyrabusto anyone? Robumid? The wrapper was a little flat with a bit of puckering. Otherwise well constructed with a nicely shaped head and cap. It snipped clean and the pre-light draw was excellent. I tasted tea and a pleasant grassy note. On lighting I got nice mouthfuls of smoke from an open draw that wasn't too loose. My first impressions was roasted vegetables with the aforementioned grassy note underneath. It was a pleasant flavor, almost herbal. After the first inch it settled into a woody taste with more of the vegetal flavors. It was a nice medium bodied smoke. As I puffed away I couldn't help but think that a year or two would round out the flavors nicely. It finished with more of the same but was a bit harsh at the end. I definitely think these need some time in the box to round out the flavors and eliminate some of the rough finish. I haven't tried all of the 2005 EL's but I liked this and will have to put some up and see how it is in a year or two.
  9. » » I do so love the HdM Epi 2's with a close second going to the VR Famoso. » » Can't go wrong there. I'll second that. I'm not a Cuban expert but I already know I want a couple of cabs of Epi 2's aging in my humidor at all times.
  10. » Reading the new CA today I saw that the distinguido got a 93. I pulled one » out of the humi to see if maybe I might agree with the review. No matter » how hard I poked that thing it would not draw. I don't even think Pamela » Anderson could've sucked smoke outta there. » » Very dissapointing And Pam Anderson can suck the color out of a marble! My GF has some of the samller Cuabas (short story sized) from our trip to London and she complains of the same thing. Out of 6-7 only 3 had enough draw to get smoke.
  11. » Only 4 days away......... Sounds great! :-D Only I have a wedding to hit that day. :-( If I wasn't in the damn thing I'd join up with you guys. I'm in Jersey about 15 minutes from NE Philly Holt's location and about 30 minutes from down town. What other boards do you Philly area guys hang on? I post mostly at, we might be having a Philly herf in late May or early June, I'll keep you posted.
  12. » I enjoy seeing what other folks on the board do for a living.......I manage » commercial real estate. Shopping Centers are my specialty.....what » supports your habano habit? I supervise a quality control lab at a cosmetics and OTC company.
  13. » » Ugh! How depressing. Hopefully nothing! Those shitheads have cut » enough » » already. » » No ****. If they want to cut something why don't they get rid of » guantanamera? I have yet to meet anyone that likes that marca. Then what would they do with the scraps? I don't think they'll cut Guantanamera, it's a money maker. I would guess as others have; thin, slow selling vitolas in brands that are almost duplicates of existing vitolas.

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