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  1. I'd be pretty excited to get my hands on some of these...as the Prez said, the RyJ WC is a cigar that can be bought BLIND anywhere in the world the quality is so on. I happen to like the wide very much...
  2. Wow surprising she would want a Q7 its a massive vehicle, only a couple inches smaller than an Escalade, usually the ladies like the Q5...anyways either way couldn't recommend it higher.
  3. Clicking your link does not produce the same results as mine? Weird... https://trademarks.justia.com/864/92/hamlet-86492342.html
  4. https://trademarks.justia.com/864/92/hamlet-86492342.html
  5. The Monte 520 is simply a stunning cigar, the LE program hit homeruns with the '66 in 2011 and 2012 with the 520...
  6. Big supporter of both and stock both. The '66 though is simply a stunning cigar and at a different level than any Behike. Extremely consistent as well.
  7. Reynaldo impressionantes $6 cuc a piece, things of beauty! Oh, and these things will put hair on your chest...as potent as a Cuban can be... Really anything looking and smelling good, worth trying...
  8. 1 box of royal robustos you won't find infantes. If you want something you can't get here then it'll be customs 20 mons is a great choice but out of the way to get to depending on where you are....Reynaldo has lots of choice in the $4, $5 and $6 range, I would suggest the impressionante (similar to a wide but a bit longer), wide churchill or canonazo...
  9. I do min 1 per day...weekends usually about 3 a day and once we warm up 2-3 a day 7 days a week
  10. Reynaldos is awesome he has the A/C on full blast but his shop is perfect for humidity! I dont know how he does it with the A/C on full
  11. Send them to ubb and catfish compliments of myself please Lisa....
  12. I will say that although mine are not up to par as of yet, I have had quite a few really good ones from other boxes.
  13. I am actually quite disappointed with mine right now...been sampling from UPE JUN 13 15 pack tubo packs and boxes UPE SEP 13. Going to forget about them for a while hoping they'll come around.

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