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  1. Ya weirdest thing - being in Canada cannot book Cuba through AirBnB although Americans can, strange.
  2. My friend and I are traveling to Havana Apr 11-18 and need a place to stay. I have tried about every option from cubaaccomodations that fits our needs. Ideally looking to stay in Old Havana but have inquired also about locations in Vedado and Miramar. The ideal option would be an apartment to ourselves in old havana. Unfortunately my experience using cubaaccomodations is most owners/property managers are probably booked and do not bother getting back aside from internet issues. If anyone has options I would be interested, thanks.
  3. Right or wrong...ego involved or not such things can't stand in the way of progress. Both sides will need to rise above such petty issues.
  4. I think there is an existing fairly extensive thread probably buried in here with a ton of pics
  5. Not like any I have ever seen and the font looks terrible
  6. Ive been pulled off the plane prior to leaving Cuba with 500 and most were custom rolls...their concern is people bringing garbage out of the country as it is damaging to their reputation for a huge export....they inspected my bundles and the quality of the cigars spoke for themselves and I had no problem leaving with them...be aware though they have the right to take anything they like so anything you bring out you can lose...small chance that would happen? Not sure. Thats my experience and personal opinion. Canada customs was also informed prior to my arrival of what I was carrying but was not an issue for me as everything was fully declared. Also, some shops may not give receipts for customs no matter how much you insist.
  7. Note..my intent wasnt meant to deviate from the dry age cheat process...since i learned that process i cant really see any benefit to doing a steak otherwise....this was simply a different cooking method of the steak that I thought was interesting.
  8. Saw this method for cooking...haven't tried but looks interesting. https://youtu.be/GZ4xl7XJM08
  9. Here's one NOT to buy...what a piece of shite cutter! Ruins the wrapper everytime.. http://s13.postimg.org/q6rj3aron/20160201_202303.jpg
  10. Simple as this...ziplock bag..get the air out as best as possible without using tools...straight in to the freezer they go...leave them in for a few days...take them out..open the bags leave them on the counter for a few hours to come too room temp...in to cooler or whatever you have and thats that....i have done thousands of cigars like this without issue from $5 cigars to much more expensive..i just did a batch straight from Cuba, these are the only cigars I freeze..$6 customs and much more expensive ltd editions...no difference...I in fact fired up a reynaldo a few hours after coming out of the freezer and it smoked brilliant..obviously that isnt a normal thing...few things ive learned...ive often put much more effort and thought in to the way I do things than i needed to and ive also learned its hard to teach old dogs new tricks when we all have our ways....cigars are a lot more robust than we give them credit for...
  11. I did a mix of varadero and havana...was able to get mag 56s, alfonsos, royal robustos, hc's and a box of robusto supremos in varadero....in Havana was able to stock up on reynaldos
  12. Alrighty so 14 it is...i may come back with a few more grey hairs but the title will me mine! Lol
  13. I am going to do my best to smoke Cuba dry...you've 96 hours to stock up...
  14. Looking at the Valentin Imperial (Maya) in March myself...

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