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  1. I think the decision really depends on where the particular brand is positioned. If I'm Mr. Cohiba I don't sacrifice my flagship's quality (ie, expected flavor profile) just for the sake of putting out a product. To another poster's point, if I had good quality tobacco that would produce a truly flavorful cigar, but is too far away from what my customer base would be expecting, I'd brand it under a different banner. I'm not sure if the Monte Cristo Open is a good example of what I'm thinking, but it is somewhere down that path.
  2. So do you have to sip and spit these out??
  3. Taking a loss is tough, but best to get it over with and move on. Good Luck!
  4. Which actually makes the application of that sticker a premium, so you will have to pay extra!
  5. Ah, you might be right! I just did a quick comparison to some of my other cigars and it was closest to a Robusto. Now I'm 110% sure of getting it wrong!
  6. Geez, I smoked this one 3 weeks ago so I wouldn't be late with my review and guess and sure enough forgot all about it! From memory, a nice medium bodied smoke. Nothing sticks in my mind as far as evolution or strong, predominant flavors but overall a pleasant smoke. I don't believe this is in my regular rotation. I'd give it, whatever it is, a solid 88.
  7. There wouldn't be too much that I'd change, as I'm pretty happy with the path I've taken. The only things that come to mind would be: 1. Not worry about a fancy humidor. I'm more than happy with the cost and performance of my "coolidor" 2. Not buy blind, ever, no matter the cost savings.
  8. I was there a couple times, three years ago. David does make a great Mojito "especial"! The cigars on display made me happy that I don't have to buy my stock "blind". Some really poor looking cigars are out there.
  9. One of the most underrated guitarists imo, Alex Lifeson. And don't forget, bassists are guitarists too. The drummer's not too shabby either... 1979 Fast forward to 2011 and they still have the chops.
  10. When my youngest son was born, I handed out Dominican Davidoff "T"'s. That was before I met Rob, 1998. I still have one left, waiting for that "special" day!
  11. I have a box of Punch Black Prince, 99 or 2000 production I believe. They were so good, once upon a time. Just ghosts now though unfortunately. Probably have a good half dozen left and always find something better to pick when looking for a smoke.
  12. Went with the SW. Amazing cigar! All honey and butter cookie, washed down with a refreshing Weissbier.
  13. Decisions, decisions... Either an '03 Sir Winnie or a '14 Party Seleccion Privada.
  14. Excuse my ignorance Mus, but what exactly do you do with this?
  15. Having 50% Bavarian blood in my veins, I'm a huge FC Bayern fan and find the German Bundesliga very entertaining. While I love soccer overall, most MLS games are difficult for me to watch. The level of sportsmanship compared to Europe is clearly evident. Fortunately that tide is changing and I'm convinced that once the US gets the caliber of players Europe enjoys, more fans will climb on the bandwagon. Fox Sports is picking up the Bundesliga games starting the next season and that should also help with spreading the joy of the beautiful game.
  16. The same people that buy +50 RG cigars. It's all in the marketing.
  17. Only thing better than this review is......... a Mag 46.

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