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  1. Welcome Jose! I'm in Woodridge and have family in Bavaria. Enjoy your time there and let us know about the cigar scene as you find it!
  2. One of my proudest moments as a cigar aficionado is being able to say I purchased a cigar from the same store Churchill did.
  3. Welcome Alex. I have to ask, Northsider or Southsider? Can never have too many Chicagoan's onboard!
  4. I enjoyed reading his posts. A great writer whose words flowed so smoothly. RIP Too much bad news lately...
  5. Or two of each.... just in case there's extended testing necessary.
  6. I Googled "nice Italian booty" and didn't find any pictures of cigars!
  7. Typical cowardly act. Prayers to our Manchester family members.
  8. I can't say more about how great German Shorthaired Pointers are. Although she has championship blood in her veins, I'm not a hunter. She is still a fantastic all-around dog. Princess Sunshine
  9. My mainstays back in 07 are still in my rotation today; Bolivar Royal Coronas and Party SD4. I'd have to say that over the past 10 years my "portfolio" has expanded to include Upmann, Montecristo, VR, amongst others. Probably the only cigar that I've gone away from have been the Hoyo's. Had some 'not great' experiences with them early on and haven't had an opportunity to revisit that line.
  10. Often, fate can be your friend. Stay positive and best of luck!
  11. I saw and took the test a while back. I think my result was "moron", but not quite sure. I do have to say that one of my most proud moments as a Habanophile is the ability to say that I bought a cigar from JJ Fox, the same store that Churchill did! A Cohiba 1966, and smoked it in Hyde Park. Most expensive cigar I ever bought but the memory is priceless! So many great cigar spots to check out in London. Literally right down the street from Fox is Davidoff, another super-cool spot. Have fun!
  12. When I started with cigars, waaay back in the 90's (gosh, seems like last year) I was all about 70/70. That was before I was able to enjoy Habanos. Like most, but of course not all, brothers on here, I find temp and humidity in the mid to low 60's to not only work out fine for my cigars. My key is to keep them stored in my basement. Seems to be an extremely consistent environment that requires minimal babysitting.
  13. Welcome! Can't have too many Chicagoans on here!
  14. Stored in the deepest, darkest corner of my humidor, my personal Holy Grail, The Legend, the Upmann Sir Winston. Purchased from Rob from the PCC Vintage program, box code LPE MAR 03. The day the last one goes to ashes will be a sad day indeed. This cigar will take you on a 2 hour journey to the promised land! Truly rolled on the thighs of virgins!
  15. My "ideal" cigar in terms of length, ring gauge, wrapper color and overall flavor profile. Partagas Seleccion Privada, OPG DIC 14
  16. I've been a Revo fan for a long time. The issue I have now, which isn't related in particular to the brand, is how polarized lenses prevent clear vision of certain things such as my cell phone screen (HTC 10). I believe it has something to do with AMOLED screen technology. Whatever it is, it's frustrating. Anyone else have this issue?
  17. I disagree. I don't think AJ was trying to sell any of these, just showing them off. I would too, if I were him and likewise I would have loved to have been there to see them (and bust his chops a bit about the "plume")
  18. I think the main lesson here is, if you're making a product presentation, make sure to check the samples before unwrapping them! To me this is a real backfire and trying to tap dance around it just makes the presenter look even more silly.
  19. Just to put things into perspective, here we are a few hours later. Alas, no cigar today
  20. I admire your dedication! Low end range of my enjoyment level is 50F. To expand on that range I went to the local DIY store and bought a propane heater. It's an even colder day today, not sure how much help it will be but willing to give it a try.
  21. What terrible news! I really enjoyed receiving the UK Cigar Scene magazine and everything Nic did for the cigar culture. RIP
  22. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, but I sincerely hope that I'm never behind you at the TSA security check point at the airport!

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