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  1. As the title says, I'll be making my way to Hong Kong in about 3 days time. It will be my first visit and I'd like to buy a box or two of cigars. Can anyone recommend good, reputable shops that are well priced, or should I make my purchases at duty free at Hong Kong airport when I leave? Any advice (not limited to cigars) welcome, this will be my first visit!
  2. The early stages of my coolidor project: I'll expand on this with a lot more details soon, just wanted to make a start
  3. I've built my own humidor monitor, using an arduino microcontroller board, a cheap resistive humidity sensor and a LM35 temp monitor: Controller image I've only had it running for a short time, but here is a graph of about a weeks worth of data for anyone interested. It is just a simple desktop humidor, sitting on the desk behind me in my study. The data (might take a while for the graph to load, be patient): This controller is going to have a relay added and control a wine cooler + active humidifier at some point in future, this is just the first step so I can learn how to do everything needed It should also be noted that I am not 100% certain my method of working with the humidity sensor is ideal, so don't read too much into the data. If anyone wants to know more about this, I don't want to derail this thread so please post here. I just wanted to contribute some data.
  4. Personally I leave the cigar in the tube, but the tube open in a desktop humidor, but I have no clue what the best option is.
  5. The key word is "possible" risk. They're putting the cancer risk from cellphones in the same class as that of the risk from coffee from what I've read.
  6. Have been there myself and it is a very nice town. I was a bit puzzled by the year-round xmas decoration shop though
  7. I'm seriously considering buying a small cheap thermoelectric cooler and building my own data logger + temperature controller at the moment. I may be losing my mind.
  8. Thanks guys, settled then. Separate storage it is! No need to take any chances with such an expensive hobby.
  9. Is there likely to be any downside to aging cigars and wine together in a thermoelectric cooler? Will the wine age fine at 65% humidity? I gather 16-18 degrees should be fine for aging wine. Will the wine / anything released through the corks have any effect on the cigars? The idea would be to keep the cigars in dress boxes. I'll use beads for humidity if they do the trick, otherwise something like an oasis if I have to. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm in a similar situation because I've only just started smoking cigars. What I am seriously considering is taking advantage of the FOH online locker for long-term storage, at least initially. Although since you're in the UK that might not suit you. You wouldn't want to age cigars for a few years only to have them seized by customs on their way to you. That would be incredibly depressing.
  11. Hmm the implication here being that Ken doesn't mind having you in his kitchen with no pants at 1am...
  12. Congrats! Discovered this forum through your blog
  13. Is the trick running the blade down the seam on the bottle, or is there more to it than that? Keen to give it a shot but would rather not have the bottle explode in my hand

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