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  1. I don't know have had a lot of great cigars so not one stands out really but include a 12 rag, cce, rass, d4, p1, esplendido, sir winnie, etc so in other words the usual suspects. It's nice smoking great cigars.
  2. I don't think rgpc get a bum wrap, more of an under the radar smoke actually. Ryj now I won't touch those LOL but I find the caz enjoyable.
  3. cohiba pyramid extra 898 psp1 what a great night with the boys
  4. sbn - semi boite nature though esplendidos come in a varnished boîte nature c/p i'm assuming is cardboard petaca which is individually boxed so you get 3 packs of 5 a/t - aluminum tubos slb - slide lid box, the only way sig i comes
  5. prez you got me intrigued by this mag 50 and ex4 business my d5s are excellent but they're from 12, have a feeling 13s will come around in a year or two
  6. can we consolidate these newer threads too? i wonder if people scan the front page anymore
  7. what's a good code for winnies y'all for me it's been rass rag d4 coro monte 2 mitch gave me lol
  8. I don't know man I think DCs are cuba's weakest link but they are improving. Best I've had was a rag and current lusis are pretty good. Looking forward to trying a recent hdm and slr. Don't got no love for punch.
  9. My buddy tried the ryj pyramid and said it was awful.
  10. Women like being cozy so buy here a nice scarf or shawl or cashmere sweater. Check out kaufmann mercantile for lots of unique gift ideas as well.
  11. I've always hated lusis ask anybody, however this late 13 box I have is great. I'd have to give the nod to the rags though since my buddy's '12 box was stupendous and recent ones i've witness look absolutely delicious. Not much of a hoyo dc guy but will probably try a box. In terms of churchills well I don't like any modern boli so I'd give the nod to esplendidos which are the best imo, then probably the imperiales since the winnies I've tried need time despite the quality tobacco.
  12. Really? I think 898s blow encantos out the water, I turn them down along with 1966s when offered to me not even close.
  13. herfed with uboat last night lfdc grandioso - excellent rg perla - fabulous
  14. had an MUR 13 today and it was fabulous, the crown jewel of the partagas lineup
  15. 10 coro 13 d4 12 d5 d4 was effing great, J I'm going to bring you one on sunday
  16. Buying this box of du gourmets, don't think I've enjoyed more than one out of 15 so far. Most have been plugged. Never again le hoyo.

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