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  1. thanks for the great review, makes me want to start smoking the ones I had the chance to get my hands on
  2. I did not enjoy them at all when I got my box 6 months after realese, I gave it some time(2 years) to rest and still a no go for me. I smoked one 6 monthe ago and found them to be much, much better and more to my liking and smoked one 3 months ago and really liked it . I think we have a winner here and will be looking foward to the next one I lite up
  3. Liked the couples I have smoked and think they will age well
  4. Thanks a lot gents, I will be forgeting duty free and shopping in the city I will keep you posted
  5. I will be in paris and going thru Orly airport , does anyone know if they have regionals at the duty free thanks for the info
  6. I have and end table humidor and a few coolers and I just add a cooler when my addiction kicks in
  7. I will trde a cigar or a few but I have a very hard time to sell any of my ''kids'' like I like to call them. And if they are worth so much money that it would be feasable to sell them at a good profit , I would rather pat myself on the back for going deep on them and smoke them...and tell everyone that I can still smoke them because of my good guess of going deep on those and maybe share a few
  8. same here I tend to have 3 box of alot of stuff if I go deep it will be 5 or 6 box grand edmondo 5 boxes
  9. OMG I just can't beleive what I just saw. They will put anything on TV for a show...that is just sad
  10. Well done Ryan this will help Zathan greatly to keep the list going. I was going to try to get one also in two weeks but you beat me to it, it's hard to be well conected like you but the more I go the getter I become cheers
  11. I have seen some places that have dehumidifiers in the humidors, that looked and sounded good to me
  12. great news Mus, you now have the pleasure of keeping the crazies in line
  13. Thanks for all the hard work and best of luck in your future endevous
  14. very glad to be part of it, and finally got to meet the PREZ when he was in Toronto...had to drive 5 hrs but the conversation and stories were more than worht the drive.
  15. I have been in cigars for a some time but I always enjoy when someone shares his knowledge with the rest of the gang that is how I(we) learn. thanks for the reminder of how and why we do things
  16. OMG I just can't beleive what I have been reading here, it's just crazy. Mus I feel for you, we were all telling you how great a time you were going to have in Cuba and they go and do this to you on the other hand it was great to get to have a smoke with you in Montreal
  17. Yes it was a great nite and I am glad I got the chance to drive down. Great food, fun, stories,friends and cigars. Can't wait for the stories to get bback with the guys Have a nice trip
  18. Happy B day Trevor and keep enjoying retirement for us that are half way there
  19. Just too funny and it goes to show you that sometimes it's all about perception, what might be obvious to some may not not be to all

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