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  1. Believe it, or not, I have not had a cigar in well over a month, and perhaps longer. Although the cold weather has been a contributing factor it isn't the primary reason as I do not refrain from smoking indoors. A sinus infection and lack of time to budget to smoking are the main reasons. The sinus infection obviously effects the enjoyment because I cannot taste the tobacco, so it is pretty much a waste for me to smoke. Coming in a close second is my time constraints. As with many of us if I don't have the time to smoke a cigar I won't light one up. I never thought not smoking would be a bad thing, but let me say that it SUCKS I guess the bright side is that my wonderful smokes are getting better with age. I have been paying close attention to the humidor cabinet and its temperature and humidity, so I haven't neglected them.
  2. When you say DVE is a bit of a pain to learn what do you mean? On certain websites I've seen that one should watch the DVD a couple of times in order to get the idea. Others say you can get on with it straight away.
  3. Excellent point here. You mention that calibration can't be done without proper equipment and this is true. There are settings that cannot be accessed without software.
  4. One would presume so, but my luck it isn't on their dropdown list. The closest is the Samsung 8000 and I have the 7000. Still close though and thank you for the site suggestion.
  5. I watched a video on YouTube that pointed out that current DVDs have the THX option. In addition to this, there are discs put out by Monster Cable and other companies specialising in audio/video. The best one, according to reviews I've read, is put out by DVE, I think. I definitely agree that calibration is something that can be done yourself. So far, I've found that the pros charge anywhere from $200 to $400 and up to do it. I'm not willing to pay that much.
  6. Has anyone here had their televisions professionally calibrated? For those who don't know what I am referring to it is when a professional comes to your home (or wherever the TV is) and adjusts the settings (contrast, brightness, tint, etc.) to get the best possible picture. It is possible to do it yourself using a DVD with test patterns. If you have done this what DVD did you use?
  7. Greetings right back at you. Welcome
  8. Congrats and G-d Bless! Hope the wife is doing well.
  9. Very nice. I, too, am fond of the Magnum 46 and Bolivar PCs.
  10. Welcome. Indeed it is a fine forum.
  11. Aizuddin, Very nice photos. Thank you for sharing with us. It is nice to see you wearing a shirt . Is that a New Years resolution for you?
  12. I was visiting my brother and we decided to take his dog for a walk. I asked him what cigar he wanted for the walk and he chose a Bolivar Petit Corona. The weather here has been warmer than past winters, so we anticipated a nice walk during which we could enjoy the cigars. How wrong we were. It was like the weather changed right after lighting up. The whole day was somewhat balmy, but soon changed to windy and cold making the smoking conditions far less than acceptable. We decided to cut the walk short and return to the house. I've never been one to smoke outdoors, but occasionally I do when I may have a cigar during a round of golf or enjoying a summer day. Smoking inside gives me the opportunity to enjoy the aroma of the cigar and to taste it better. Oh well, better luck next time. Happy New Year!
  13. Most of us have seen the advertisements for Low T, or Low Testosterone. I am suffering from Low P, or Low Posts despite being on FOH multiple times throughout the day and night. I just cannot seem to get it up (pun intended) despite frequent effort. I know the cure is to post more, but it's hard. Just thought I'd share. Happy Holidays everyone. Cheers, Scarhead
  14. To Rob, Smithy, Lisa, Di and everyone else Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for entertaining my many queries. And to all other members here on FOH Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! P.S. Where's my order?
  15. Thank you to everyone who has helped with my quest for a new telly. I have visited all of the links that were posted in this thread and consulted the thread itself many times during my research. I'm happy to say that it is a wrap as far as the research goes and I have purchased a new set. I went with a Samsung 46" (actual model is UN46D7000). It is an LED, 3D television that is a step below Samsung's 8000 series. It seems to have everything I need and nothing I don't. The bezel on the television is amazingly thin and the whole set is basically screen. While I was shopping at the stores I was surprised to see how many TVs have a large frame that takes up a decent amount of the screen. I got a few extras with the purchase such as 3D glasses and a blu-ray player. Again, thank you for the assistance. The replies to my original post show what an amazing community FOH is. After setting it up I will take photos and post them. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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