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  1. Here's a couple pics, I have more but don't want to get too crazy. I'm working on a Cuban themed guitar, I'll post pics once it's built. Some good looking guitars out there!
  2. Agreed. I used Tap and Track on my phone. It does take discipline, but for me, once I saw the results I was hooked. I set goals and decided on "prizes" for myself when I reached them. Eating right and working out has just become what I do now. I remember you were hot on my tail! It was VERY close at the end. The competition definitely made it more fun.
  3. Thanks everyone. It's been a fun ride. You guys have shown some great results, keep it up. @Ryan, I recently had some blood work done and all my levels are spot on. I eat right and work out 5 days a week. Exercise is key in my opinion. Rum may not be the healthiest, but at least it got you kick started!! Keep up the good work, you'll get there. @Reevzy, Thanks. That Tele's my baby!
  4. Great work dangolf18! I know my loss hasn't hurt anything with the opposite sex! Keep it up!
  5. Most of you know that I won this last year. The timing couldn't have been better. Just the week before I had already started on my new path. I'm not posting to brag, but to offer encouragement. After the contest ended, I continued to lose and peaked out at 120 lbs (54.4 kg) of total loss after 10 months. I have kept it off so far and don't plan to ever go back. It can be done! Just find a method that works for you and stick with it! Now go win those cigars! I can tell you, free ones taste really good!
  6. Good luck to all the entrants this year. Thankfully, I lost even more after winning last year and can't participate! It's a good feeling when you can drop the weight and keep it off. Keep your eye on the prize contestants!!
  7. Interesting responses! It absolutely has to be the way you were raised. Although until about 8th grade I didn't like PB&J. Once I did, I was hooked. I eat it a lot for breakfast. It's filling and a good cheap protein source. Never had Vegemite. What is it?
  8. A BBQ restaurant chain I frequent in the US, Smokey Bones, has a TV at the bar set to post trivia about various topics. One of the items they posted is that Australians don't like Peanut Butter and Jelly, in particular the jelly part. So I have to ask, is this true??
  9. Good luck. It takes is discipline and dedication to your plan. There's a thousand diets out there but if it's going to work it has to fit your needs. Keep us posted on your progress.
  10. Congrats to all. There were some really good losses out there. Thanks Rob for this contest. I was already in the weight loss mode but this definitely helped kick it in high gear for me. Time to go shopping!!

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