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  1. Just terrible news. Guy has been a splendid contributor to the forums and a great guy. I'll be praying for his speedy recovery.
  2. Some of his advice might seem comical by modern standards, but he's still an important figure in the cigar world.
  3. The worst part about pitchers winning MVP awards is having to listen to Eckersley kiss his own butt for the rest of eternity.
  4. I have purchased two Avallos. One was non-cooled, which I sold. My current cabinet is a cooled unit. The fit and finish on Aristocrat is better than the Avallo, but I purchased mine at a decent discount rate so I can't complain. The only issue I have with my chilled cabinet is that ambient temperature has to be less than 78 degrees or the humidity starts going up. I don't know anybody with a chilled Aristocrat cabinet so I can't say if they share the same issue. During the more humid months I remove the water from the bottles. I also have some beads in there at all times to help stabilize things. On the non-chilled unit, it held the RH% very well. Overall, I'm satisfied with the setup as I have the A/C on during the summer anyways so the humidity spikes isn't a major issue. Hopefully this helps, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. Oh, by the way, no matter which cabinet you go with, definitely get sliding shelves!
  5. I took out the humidification device, left the top of the jar open a little, and keep it inside my humidor. So far, so good.
  6. Great find! I love looking around a walk-in at a B&M. Sadly, the ones near me don't really offer any surprises.
  7. There are plenty of previous rulings on the subject matter. In short, the government is only allowed to impose disclosure of information that is “purely factual and uncontroversial." This would include things such as calorie counts and list of ingredients on food. Exceptions can be made if the required label is “narrowly tailored to promote a compelling Government interest.” According to the court filings, the FDA's own studies have shown that these new labels will not lead to a decrease in second-hand smoke exposure or youth smoking, nor will it increase the likeliness for smokers to quit. They have also failed to prove that these new graphic labels will offer any significant improvements over current warning labels. So, the new label requirement fails the "compelling interest" test. Therefore, since the labels are clearly controversial, fail to use the least speech-restrictive means and do not further a compelling interest, they directly violate the tobacco companies' First Amendment rights.
  8. For those new to Cuban cigars like myself, your website has been a great resource. Whatever you choose, thanks for the amazing website!

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