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  1. I no particular order and usually my go to top 5 available regular production (although I am getting priced out of most of these) regardless of age Upmann SW Party 898 BBF Trinidad Fundy CoLa
  2. Winnies Party 898 LGC MDO.....any size will do QDO coronas claro
  3. Upmann Sir Winston BBF Boli PC Partagas 898 Partagas Lusitania JL No 1 Trinidad Fundy CoLa Boli PC VR Unicos
  4. Luis is the contact at the LCDH in Lisbon. I have enjoyed quite a few cigars there and while smaller and more intimate than some other LCDH's Luis is a great host and I really love the shop. That said I am not sure if they currently have the Lusiados in stock. I bought 2 boxes there in summer of 2018. Here is their Phone number +351 218 941 191 and you can facebook message them. Casa Havaneza is convenient but I really like the feel, ambiance and attention I have received at Luis' LCDH.
  5. I am a fan of the presidentes and have a couple boxes. My best right now are ALO 2016 they are rich earthy tobacco and med to med-full strength. I have '14s i think are EAG coded and the wrappers are a bit light. I like them but the 16's are outperforming them at the moment.
  6. In no particular order Party 898 BBF Sir Winston Dip No.4 Party Serie E No.2 HU No.2 HDM No.1
  7. 2004 Romeo y Julieta Hermosos No.2, La escepcion Selectos Finos or Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos for me please
  8. Available "magnificent 7" party 898 BBF Diplomaticos No.2 Partagas Serie E Cohiba Siglo IV CoRo Trini Fundy Reserves that are hard to find currently but not discontinued Upmann Sir Winston Cohiba Lancero
  9. Great advice throughout this thread. I too am in the 60-62% range and I rarely.....very rarely have a plugged cigar. You will find many folks lower their RH until they find the sweet spot. I would just take the humidity down to 62% for a few weeks and that should help......unless you got a poorly rolled cigar which IMO is not the norm.
  10. The shop in Lisbon is an LCDH. I am not sure if the shop in Madeira closed or not
  11. I love Diplomaticos ever since I have tried them and bought them when I could. I get a very unique taste with their regular production....berries and citrus but subtle and nuanced.I have 1 box each of the #1,#3'#4 and multiple of the #2's. The Spanish RE had great flavor but short cigars like that seem to burn hot to me and I anly enjoy a little more than half of them, they leave me wanting more but I'm always disappointed they don't last longer. Have not tried the DUtch yet and may opt for more No.2's instead
  12. Party 898 @ $10ish no other cigar is as enjoyable, consistent and very fairly priced BBF @ $8 again very consistent and pleasurable Upmann SW it is much cheaper than the Espy and slightly superior to the Impeiale. My favorite, most bang for the buck Churchill
  13. Very few cigars I smoke are plugged. I can recall 3, and that's it, off the top of my head. A 2010 Partagas presidente, an '05 monte especiales no 2 and an '11 monte 4. That said I voted 0% even though it is closer to 1%.
  14. Happy birthday Di. May the coming year bring you good health, happiness and prosperity!

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