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  1. Husky and husqvarna are not the same company right?
  2. I'll need to try and get a hold of heady topper.
  3. Current boxing is like professional wrestling. Winners and losers are dictated by the next possible event. Records are a reflection of good managers. Pick fights that are probable wins and continue to do so until the pay is enough to take a loss.
  4. Global recognition would have to go to Jordan. Barring Cumbria, just his silhouette alone is the most recognizable sports icon. Above Beckham, Messi and other sports stars. Any sport that can be played in both urban and suburban areas have a huge advantage over sports like soccer, golf and baseball. It appeals to more people due to access. Not saying you can't play soccer in back alleys but definitely being able to play a certain sport gets more attention than otherwise.
  5. Thanks. Never knew that, guess movies aren't a valuable resource for legal intricacies.
  6. Isn't she automatically a citizen through marriage?
  7. Change wish to a car instead of a cigar. Would you wish for a car you have driven or a Lamborghini because you've heard it drives well.

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