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  1. Connie A’s are medium to full as well as Royal Robustos imo
  2. Here is what has always worked for me. You have to have a family member or friend go out with you. You can’t go solo. The wife assumes your being rude, but when you say take your dad and brother in law out to the back for a smoke, now your being hospitable. pure genius
  3. Bolivar RC 2014. Hitting their stride. Best smoke of November for me
  4. I have 2 boxes from 2014 and their defiantly not ready. I was thinking 2 more years but now I’m reassessing that. Maybe 5. But I will be sampling one every 6 months or so.
  5. I’m a Monte PE fan. Love the flavor profile . My favorite Monte. That being said, you can’t judge the PEs on one or two tries. They are a funny cigar. For me if I try a stick from a box and it’s on, the whole box is on. But the same is true the other way. I had a box from 14 which is a great year. But this particular box, every time I try one it’s off. Bitter . I have tried about 10 and no shit every one is the same. Bitter. Anyway, when they are on, and for me most are, they are increadable
  6. Monte PE from 2014 , too lazy to walk to humidor to get box code.
  7. I have 2 of Bobs humidors. They are unquestionably the best money can buy. Customer service second to none.
  8. Behikes for sure. I don't think one has been put up on 24:24 in over a year
  9. II loved this guy. Entertaining. That all it's suppose to be is entertaining. If people don't like it, don't watch. No big deal. Life is too short. I did not agree with 1/2 the stuff he would spu but he was a character As I'm writing this, I'm smoking an Upmann Connie A. Holy crap these are great cigars. .
  10. Try the robusto sampler. Before going blind and buying a box you have not tried, the samplers are good. ImoIMO
  11. My smoking buddy. He prefers Monte PE when I go in and look for my clipper.
  12. I know I'm in the minority but I love the tubes. The tend to be a laggard on 24:24 due to cost, but as I've said on this forum before, you can get a bit of age on tubes because they are slow sellers. Now I have another theory. I also think they are more consistently rolled due to the fact that they won't fit in the tube. Probably not true but I can't remember a single instance that I got a plugged tube. Also like grabbing a couple tubes jamming them in my pocket, and heading off for the day not worrying about putting them in a travel case or whatever. btw, the recent Cohiba tubes I received from the 24:24 should be in a museum . They are spot on !
  13. The big difference to me is the A"s smoke good out of the box, few months to acclimate and go. The 1"s in my opinion need time. That being said, both are great cigars. I tend to like the size of the A,
  14. The reality for me is , I have a few cigars I love to smoke. Luci, R &J Churchill,Monte PE,Monte 2. All are priced in the real world. Yes, I buy some LE"s , in 10"s, that peak my interest, but I will keeps stocking up on my goto's and be a happy camper.
  15. Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, may I introduce my Gaggia Accademia. Whole bean machine does it all.
  16. Love,to,see a Lusi vid. Would also like to see a R&J Wide.

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