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  1. " It's incredible these monsters walk the earth with us." The crocs or the human females?🤪
  2. The academy award for most ironic statement of the year goes to....😆
  3. You will know they are serious when they attempt to connect drinking to climate change.
  4. "So now I'm prayin for the end of time, to hurry up and arrive, cuz if I gotta spend another minute with you...." One of the best lines in a song ever. R.I.P.
  5. I think it should be mandatory to tip Di for every purchase. 😀
  6. I work in the public school system and it seems that the most important topics today are CRT, Colonialism, and Sexual Politics. I'm guessing it only continues into post secondary. Don't you think that's worth going into massive amounts of debt for?
  7. Careful...looks like you're about to get whacked! 😬
  8. Yeah for sure. I was more thinking about the actual smoking part, if you couldn't see the smoke coming off the cigar or out of your mouth on the exhale how much would that take away from the enjoyment? Guess I could smoke one with a blindfold on and find out but I don't think I care that much.
  9. I was just sitting here thinking about how bad my eyesight is getting and got to considering how much the visual contributes to my enjoyment of smoking a cigar. I came to the surprising realization that if I was to totally lose my sight that I probably wouldn't enjoy cigars enough to continue the past time. Seems crazy but I guess I just didn't understand how much my sense of sight contributes to my cigar enjoyment. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?
  10. Used to love Perdomos before I got into Cubans. Very under-rated cigars imo.
  11. Science can admit? Science is striving? That doesn't even make sense. Science is a method of inquiry or a body of knowledge, it has no intention or conscience. People using the scientific method may have intentions of coming to the understanding, or discovering the cause of something, or they may have intentions of manipulating the process to fit a specific narrative or desired outcome. "Science" doesn't strive for anything, people do. It should always be open to scrutiny and questioning but in this case we are just being told to "trust the science". Sounds a lot like faith to me.
  12. I agree, I simply thought that appealing to science might sway you a bit. I'm of the firm belief that our soul is present upon conception but obviously there is no way to prove that, that is where faith comes in.
  13. Does the fact that a single celled zygote contains all of the dna necessary to make a full grown human not make you think? The contention is the "visualizing their effects on cells" part. The dispute is that the healthy test samples are compromised by the sterilization process and addition of antibiotics before the viruses are added to the experiments, and that the ensuing cell damage is not the result of the viral material but that of the precursor intervention. There are highly censored scientists/virologists that hold this opinion and you have to search outside of mainstream engines to find their work but if you are truly interested you should do your own research. I would suggest starting with Dr. Stefan Lanka. Of course he has been defamed by the mainstream but you should look at his work for yourself. Use a search engine other than Google for better results. Here is a recent article : Most people are happy to accept the authorized dogma on healthcare and I don't blame them at all, some of us however have been given very good reason to want to question what the reality is, or maybe that is just in our nature to question authority. Anyway, if you're good with how things have been presented to you then go with it but for those that have a feeling something just isn't right I suggest doing some digging and at least expose yourself to what others have to say before writing off anyone with opposing views as just a crazy loon. We should be careful about appealing to "the science" as a be all and end all to any argument. First of all who is presenting the science? Who funded the science? Who has much to gain based on the science? Why should we just blindly trust the science, shouldn't science be open to scrutiny? When the powers that be start labeling people as "deniers", thus shaming them into silence you should really start to question what is going on. That's just my opinion.
  14. I wouldn't suggest any such thing about your son. The pro choice crowd have no credible scientific or moral backing to declare in which trimester it is ok to terminate a life. As for the "viable" argument, even a two year old would die if left alone to fend for himself, so that one's pretty weak imo.
  15. Those that predicted the vaccine passports at the start of all this nonsense were labelled "conspiracy theorists'. It was also my reaction when I first heard it, until I looked into it further.

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