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  1. Many of the most impactful events on humanity have played out in the last 100 years. If we cannot observe history, learn from it and teach it to our young, spending billions on a telescope to 'look back' is damn waste! Why do I want to look back a the stars when we are destroying our earthly history and the advancement that we have made, celebrating failure of the past instead. Sorry folks, I like to correlate. What is the point of the history of the universe over billions of years if we won't teach children where we went wrong over the past 100 years? -the Pig
  2. When you hail from a place called Woolloongabba, anything can happen. By now I figured the Oz government would have quarantined flys without boosters and masks and sales would be down!!! -the Pig
  3. Tell them you are a tennis pro and forgot you vax card. While waiting for the firing squad have a mate pick up your luggage and find your card….
  4. I am happy with my level of research to satisfy my own whims my friend. Trying convince anyone here of anything is not really a good use of my time. You should understand that I wanted to have some fun with Ken and his tin hat comments. I wanted some people who read Kens post to realize that there is an alternate view. That twitter does not define who wears a tin hat, not by my standards. If that is not what Ken meant to say, well, I have apologized for that already. That is what he 'appeared to say' by stating that he was excused from twitter, as if that is some time blight on a mans resume... MHO Some of you folks should do your own research. You might want to look into what the NIAID and many of the other government acronym agencies did to AIDs sufferers some decades ago. There were congressional investigation on mass testing on foster kids, some not even testing positive with HIV, with no placebo group. History repeats itself. AZT was a killer chemo and if you read anything about that whole debacle you will figure out how the system of public/private partnership with governments and big pharma is something that people should fear more than COVID. Straight from the tin-hat back at you... -LOL -Ray Look forward to our next Zoom up!
  5. ... mate, you said this guy is the epitome of the tin hat brigate... You said that! You brought up Twitter, not me. Did you catch him a lie, or are you saying Twitter accused him of lying? Twitter accusing (one) of lying is a badge of honer. I am not trying to put words in your mouth, and if by parsing your post, you view it that way sorry! Really! I am trying to have some academic fun with what you represent that might just be amusing to the reading public. -R
  6. Ken... understand please that I am funning with you! I took the first referenced study, found that a major contributor has been fired, and is largely disqualified (empirically) by his own merits (of past failures). Do you want me to pull up the money that the Gate Foundation contributes to the institution so you can follow the money? Gates is big into pharma investments, and if his software company is anything like the drugs they own patents on, or produce, we are all in big trouble. Here sir is your latest injection of Windows ME... -LOL Cheers mate!
  7. I am not big on waiving anyones flag... but if I had to choose to support the 'moderation group' at twitter vs. Robert Malone MD, the inventor of the mRNA/DNA vaccine technology... I will listen to Robert Malone! @Ken Gargett Just so I understand your post. Twitter defines who wears a tin hat...???? Dude, that is funny! Malones bio! I am an internationally recognized scientist/physician and the original inventor of mRNA vaccination as a technology, DNA vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA platform delivery technologies. I hold numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, and vaccines: including for fundamental DNA and RNA/mRNA vaccine technologies. I have approximately 100 scientific publications with over 12,000 citations of my work (per Google Scholar with an “outstanding” impact factor rating). I have been an invited speaker at over 50 conferences, have chaired numerous conferences and I have sat on or served as chairperson on HHS and DoD committees. I currently sit as a non-voting member on the NIH ACTIV committee, which is tasked with managing clinical research for a variety of drug and antibody treatments for COVID-19. I received my medical degree from the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. I completed the Harvard Medical School fellowship as a global clinical research scholar in 2016 and was scientifically trained at the University of California at Davis, the University of California at San Diego, and at the Salk Institute Molecular Biology and Virology laboratories. I have served as an assistant and associate professor of pathology and surgery at the University of California at Davis, the University of Maryland, and the Armed Forces University of the Health Sciences. For many years, my wife and I have built and run a consultancy and analytics firm specializing in biotechnology and clinical trials development. My partner in all of this is Jill Glasspool Malone, PhD. She likes to stay behind the scenes, but you can be assured that in almost all of my professional endeavors, she has been and will be involved. She also is well published and has an extensive CV. We have been together since high school (over 45 years) and have been married for 42 of those. We live on a horse farm in Virginia, which has become our own personal “Galt’s Gulch”. An idea that we embrace and build upon. Having an intentional community is one of the tenets of how we live. So, what has brought me to the point of daily podcasts, interviews, op-eds, advocacy with legislators and building a twitter feed of almost a half million people? It started with my own experiences and concerns regarding the safety and bioethics of how the COVID-19 genetic vaccines were developed and forced upon the world, and then then expanded as I discovered the many short-cuts, database issues, obfuscation and frankly, lies told in the development of the Spike protein-based genetic vaccines for SARS-CoV-2. Personal experiences involving identifying, developing, and trying to publish peer-reviewed academic papers focused on drug repurposing and the rights of physicians to practice medicine as well as what I have seen close colleagues go through have further influenced me. Finally, as unethical mandates for administering experimental vaccines to adults and children began to be pushed by governments, my research into what I believe is authoritarian control by governments that are being manipulated by large corporations (big finance, big pharmaceutical, big media and big technology) influenced my changing world view. Now, I have always been taught and believed that vaccines must be developed in conjunction with life saving treatments for an emerging infectious disease or a pandemic. I am a vaccinologist. I invented the core mRNA vaccine technology platform. I have spent much of my career working on vaccine development. I have also had extensive experience in drug repurposing for infectious disease outbreaks. I am not an antivaxxer in any way, shape or form. But I do believe that the short cuts that the USG have taken in bringing the mRNA and the adenovirus vaccines to market for this pandemic have been detrimental and contrary to globally accepted standards for developing and regulating safe and effective licensed products. I have now done hundreds of podcasts and interviews. I am a regular guest on many shows and have written many editorials that have been published in mainstream newspapers. Along with many other physicians and scientists advocating early treatment, I have toured globally to help educate physicians and the public about early treatment options while also opposing the unethical mandates. I used to believe that the FDA, NIH, and CDC were working for the people, not big pharma. I thought that if we could just re-purpose already known, safe drugs for emerging infectious diseases, we could quickly find ways to reduce the death rate. I thought that drug and vaccine development were regulated by the Federal government for the common good. What I have learned over the last two years is that regulatory capture of the federal government has warped and shaped the work of Congress and Federal agencies to such an extent that they no longer represent what is in the best interests of the nation, the world, and humanity. The more I have expressed data-based concerns about what is happening with the vaccines, the US Federal and WHO responses, the more I have been censored, defamed, and subjected to various forms of character assassination by big tech and legacy media. I am not alone in being targeted. Mainstream media has attacked and censored me and other prominent physicians/scientists who do not recite the governmental narrative. This has been developed into a standard process and deployed worldwide as a technique for suppressing physician dissent – quite literally hunting physicians deemed guilty of thoughtcrimes (such as questioning vaccine safety and effectiveness) or of the “sin” of treating patients with lifesaving drugs in an outpatient setting. What is happening is not right, it is not proper and it is not fair. So, let get down to fixing it.
  8. Who is right and who is wrong...? Frankly I don't know, don't much care anymore! I am an empiricist by nature, not a follower of expert opinion. And frankly when I am looking for clues, I generally follow a trail of money for bias. Where there is money, there is motivation! That is all I will say about what money buys. I am not making a case either way, to be frank. However I read a post above from my friend Ken who appears be influenced by certain 'studies.' One of those studies quoted about lockdowns is from Imperial College of London. My questions are simple: What does it take to become and maintain the title of expert? Who decides, which guy wears a tin hat??? Neil Ferguson’s Latest Faux Pas in a Long Line of Fear- Driven Predictions The real story here is that Neil Ferguson is somehow still regarded to have any credibility whatsoever. Don Via, Jr. @COVID19Up: The infamous (and ought to be, disgraced) Professor Neil Ferguson has botched yet another fear-driven prediction regarding a COVID-19 case surge in the United Kingdom. In July, Professor Ferguson once again postulated the dire consequences of lifting the UK’s lockdown restrictions. He stated it was “almost inevitable” that doing so would bring more than 100,000 new COVID-19 cases a day—potentially up to 200,000. Ferguson had to rescind that prognosis just a few weeks later, as the severity of the surge has been lackluster at best. After a slight spike above 50,000 cases, the majority of which were mild or asymptomatic, the number quicklysettled down to 27,335 cases by August 9. Also mostly asymptomatic or mild. That’s definitely not 200,000 COVID-19 cases. And the death toll remains generally stagnant. The data actually reflects the opposite of what pundits and officials claimed would happen. Immediately following the UK lifting its lockdown mandate, cases fell by 40%. That is not to say that the people infected are insignificant in any way, but it does indeed severely undercut professor Ferguson’s fear-mongering. The real story here is that Neil Ferguson is somehow still regarded to have any credibility whatsoever. Public officials and mainstream media still place Ferguson on a pedestal as a leading COVID-19 authority despite having a demonstrable history of inaccuracy and his previous “scientific” projections being devastatingly false. As this author has recounted in two previous reports, Neil Ferguson’s track record is anything but unsullied. First writing for The Free Thought Project in January of this year: It has been the decision of governments the world over to exercise wanton reckless abandon to bring the global market to a screeching halt. And on a consensus of what? Faulty computer coding? As many have exhaustively covered throughout this crisis, the policy for governments around the world to institute sweeping lockdown mandates has absolutely no scientific basis. Beginning in May, first reported by The Telegraph, independent data analyst experts revealed that the Imperial College pandemic projection models were completely inaccurate. It was these models, designed by Professor Neil Ferguson, that were used as justification to begin worldwide lockdowns. Yet upon this groundbreaking news coming to light, it received almost no coverage from mainstream outlets. Analysts showed Ferguson’s models had several mathematical errors, and were ran on obsolete software. Leading experts who examined it say it could be “the most devastating software mistake of all time”. They called it “totally unreadable” & “a buggy mess that would get you fired in the private industry” and whose approach “ignores widely accepted computer science principles”. Ultimately, Ferguson himself was forced to resign from his position at the Imperial College of London for breaking lockdown protocols. This guy had such little faith in the accuracy of his own models that he was completely comfortable disregarding his own data — with further investigation showing he has a track record of doing so. Despite this, governments around the world hastily accepted these models without first considering if it should undergo an independent peer review. The choice was made to base policy decisions that could potentially change the history of our planet as we know it on blind faith.” Other esteemed experts, such as Stanford University professor of disease prevention John Ioannidis, one of the foremost respected and cited in his field, said of the Imperial model: “The Imperial College study has been done by a highly competent team of modellers. However, some of the major assumptions and estimates that are built in the calculations seem to be substantially inflated.” In fact, shortly after the initial models were used as justification to begin the lockdowns, Ferguson appeared to drastically lower his prediction following a new analysis by the Imperial college team. Resulting in a recalculation of the figure to one 25 times smaller than originally estimated. He then doubled down on his first projection, causing quite a stir of confusion online. Since the day that fateful decision was made, the world has been plunged into what is arguably the largest expansion of authoritarianism and attack against civil liberties in recent human history. The rest of the report goes on to demonstrate data purporting how the ruling class financially benefited from policies that decimated working-class and lower class economies. Further enriching themselves and effectively bringing about the largest transfer of wealth of any era. The report also simultaneously exemplifies the disastrous consequences of these policies. Including multiple reports from the United Nations, showing that hundreds of millions of people are now being forced into starvation and poverty—decades of work fighting these very things being undone—because of the policies instituted at the behest of Professor Ferguson’s faulty data models. In my follow up report from July 2021, titled New Research Shows Coronavirus Lockdowns Cost More Lives Than They Saved, even more evidence was displayed showcasing these horrid ramifications. An excerpt from the article reads: • Drug use and subsequent overdose deaths are increasing at an alarming rate. • Deaths by suicide are on the rise both nationally and internationally. • More heartbreaking still, what is now being referred to as an epidemic of child suicide as the self-inflicted deaths of children is now on the rise. • As well as causing a noticeable increase in both domestic violence and child abuse. Including sexual assault the world over, as human rights groups have warned that human trafficking has surged during lockdowns. These are the statistics that we rarely if ever hear from the media pundits and policy officials that arrogantly parade around as humanity’s saviors. The report concluded with the following uncompromisingly forthright statement: To be quite blunt, these policies should be regarded as a crime against humanity. It goes well beyond a nauseating example of government malfeasance. Policymakers were rash, reactionary, and criminally negligent. Blood is on their hands, and a lot of it. We should all be quite frank about it; the decisions of lawmakers to enact these policies is directly contributory to the deaths of countless people. They are culpable, and liability should most certainly be applicable. Manslaughter is generally defined as the unintentional killing of another human being. So while democide may not fit the bill due to a seeming lack of intent behind these killings; what does one even call mass state- sponsored criminally negligent manslaughter? Is there even a word for it? If not someone ought to think of one quick, because there are a lot of government officials that deserve to be charged with it.” In this writer’s opinion, Professor Neil Ferguson belongs at the very top of that list. And just as much so for those who blindly followed his word, as this is not the only time in his ill-fated career that Professor Ferguson has drastically missed the mark. His tenure is rife with ineptitude. Noted by the UK’s Daily Mail, in 2001 Professor Ferguson was instrumental in the data models projecting the trajectory of the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in England. Policies implemented under Ferguson’s advisory based on his data resulted in the mass slaughter of over six million animals to stop the spread of the disease. A decision which left rural England economically devastated at the cost of £10 billion. As the Mail states, Professor Michael Thrusfield of Edinburgh University, who unlike Ferguson is an actual expert of animal diseases, “claimed the model made incorrect assumptions about how foot and mouth disease was transmitted and, in a 2006 review, he claimed Imperial’s foot and mouth model was ‘not fit for purpose’, while in 2011 he said it was ‘severely flawed’.” Having told The Daily Telegraph on March 27, 2020, “the episode was ‘a cautionary tale’ about the limits of mathematical modelling and he felt a sense of ‘déjà vu’ about the current situation,” following the UK’s lockdown mandate days prior. In 2002, modeling from Ferguson’s Imperial team predicted 50,000 deaths could result from the outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease). Later stating it could become as high as 150,000 should the disease spread to sheep as well. The actual death toll was only 177. Then in 2005, Ferguson again predicted global calamity. Claiming that around 200 million people would be killed during the bird flu pandemic. However, according to the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy’s 2005 Avian Influenza Year-End Review, just 142 people were counted as fatalities of H5N1. The review stated: “What didn’t happen in 2005, of course, was a human pandemic. By the end of the year, the virus still had not shown an ability to spread easily from person to person.” Yet again in 2009, Ferguson’s track record of inaccuracy continued. That year, England’s chief medical officer Professor Sir Liam Donaldson released an estimate based on analysis conducted by Ferguson and his Imperial college team. The estimate being that a worst-case scenario would see 65,000 Brits perish from the swine flu pandemic. But at the pandemic’s end, less than 500 were found to have died from the H1N1 virus. Despite these various past follies (and even present blunders) Ferguson has retained an utmost smug demeanor. In the face of an infamy brought about by a career of notorious failures and even forced resignation. He still arrogantly stands atop his pedestal as one of Britain’s “premier health advisors.” And the British establishment is all too eager to allow it. Ferguson seemingly makes statements on a whim based on reckless data models. He recants his statements at leisure with complete disregard for the consequences already taking effect. As Dr. Ron Paul recently pointed out, after recanting previous statements, Ferguson has neglected even attempting to offer any sort of apology for the catastrophic results that have already ensued from his impetuousness. The incredible encroachments against personal freedom of the last 16 months goes well beyond the cliche of giving the State an inch and watching them take a mile. They’ve taken several miles and continue to do so as the goalposts continue moving. Now, as countless mediums of despotism are imposed, the world is writhing in protest. For several months, most recently on the 24th of July, over a million protesters in dozens of countries around the globe took to the streets in mass uprisings against new lockdowns and COVID-19 vaccine passport mandates. One of the only countries not experiencing this is Sweden. Recently it was reported that the country has yet again reached zero COVID-19 deaths per day. Sweden’s overall health is not diminishing, the economy is intact, and their liberty is mostly secure. Despite being lambasted by establishment talking heads the world over, it appears that Sweden has solved the coronavirus problem. And they did so by disregarding Professor Ferguson’s abysmal recommendations. If only more nations had followed their lead. At the end of the day, Neil Ferguson is one of two things: catastrophically incompetent in his profession, or a pathological liar. In any case, he should never again be considered to have any sort of credibility whatsoever. This article is free and open source. You have permission to republish it under a Creative Commons license with attribution to COVID19Up.org.
  9. I have what should be a few simple questions: Is this thread the result of? A guy who is an a-hole. A country run by a bunch of a-holes. People are angry over the a-hole breaking the rules. People are angry over the a-holes making the a-hole rules. All the above... -the Pig
  10. I know many who simply have a myopic view. I might suggest one review a politicians ‘lifetime achievements’ before even considering listening to them about anything. Booze on the plane, I really don’t care. The plane is private, and owned by others, you should follow their rules. But I have to agree, why punish everyone for what a few do? Because that is what Markey believes in… Here is a quote. Markey, who is up for reelection to the U.S Senate wrote: “Portland police routinely attack peaceful protestors with brute force. We must disarm these officers, and every other police department in America, of weapons of war,” In addition, he expressed his support for a nationwide ban on tear gas and other nonlethal tools police use to protect themselves and the community during these violent riots. Markey’s comments come in response to the long running protests and riots plaguing the streets of almost every city in the country, in the wake of the death of George Floyd. These protests, especially in Portland, have resulted in tremendous amounts of destruction, endless amounts of money lost in looted items, and physical and verbal violence against police officers. In a nutshell, Markey and his ilk are soft on crime and criminals and into blaming people and things not responsible, for those who are. Markey and his tribe are big on lawlessness, blaming the cops, and living in such a fashion where he is not affected by his idiotic ideology. People have a problem with the rule of law because in every large city in America, there is movement to not charge crime or criminals. Listen to the thoughts of law enforcement by that a-hole DA in NY. Soft on crime, criminals and punishment, hard on the cops. You want to know why people don’t control lawless behavior??? There is little or no penalty now in many places. This is typical leftism. If you are facing a ban on about anything, you will likely find a leftist scapegoating the real reason there is a problem… cause they are at the root of it! Markey and people like him are the problem…! Ban Markey and bring back some law and order! The Pig!
  11. Hello amigo, been meaning to acknowledge your offer on the Ayala cigars. Thank you very much. If I cannot get some, I will take you up on your offer, but will trade you some of the earlier version if you have not tried them. Thanks for the kind offering! -Ray
  12. Governments create the opportunity and black market arise from them...! They will never learn. -the Pig
  13. Yet another gift to help you through being sold a shit box of cigars from the cigar industry.
  14. You’re in good company. I live in a state of confusion…
  15. … I have been drinking… and smoking one of the ‘19 versions. Am I going to say anything glowing about it… Hell no! -the Pig
  16. I fly about 60 segments a year these days. One luxury about my travels is that they are often to the same location. This means I can set up a bit of home away from home. I don’t need to bring a coat, I have one that I keep on the job… Boots, hard hat, same. But what about those times that you are in the ‘high roller’ (bit of a joke really) airport lounges and you need to make a dozen espresso shots to keep you awake for the days meetings, and want to take them on the plane to sip later? I have become an aficionado of stainless steel, insulated drink containers. I have tried all kinds and these are the ones I keep buying (after the previous ones get lost or stolen). These are 50/50 brand. You can get them a lot of places including Voldemort online (Amazon) and a lot of airport kiosks. These are branded from my favorite socialist state! I like the tall for the the ‘no hole’ lid and the clip top to keep it from falling out of one of the side pockets of my backpack. The other has a flip lid that seals tight, will take a straw without falling into it and getting lost, and seals well. These are the best I have come across, regardless of cost. The parts are interchangeable, gaskets silicon and both can keep a beverage hot or cold most of the day. If you think Charbucks makes good coffee and want to post one of their cups… don’t bother! -LOL Their coffee sucks and so to their containers!!! Cheers! -Piggy
  17. … torch inserts into Zippo lighters. Nice lighter, guts replaceable. Best of both worlds. When I feel classy, not all that often an occurrence these days, I break out a DuPont. No not a torch… one of the real ones! -the Pig
  18. The real merit of cigars is that they are all individual. The trade-off with cigars is that they are rarely all stellar, and rarely all duds! Extrapolating from that last thread… A GOOD retailer would cull all the duds out for me…! Ahhhem, not mentioning any names mind you! -the Pig
  19. Damn straight! Listen Bwana… I do have a complaint, now that you mention it. You need to find me a few boxes of the Colorado Ayala Lanceros, or I will be forced to mooch some form some generous forum members that actually appear to care about me!!! How dare you sell them out without notifying me!!! If I knew that was going to happen, I would have panned them for reasons of self-interest. -R
  20. Here is my message for the person that wrote the email. If you know enough about cigars to email one of the world’s immanent retailers to ask for advice about another retailer, presumably not the one that sold you the duds… you should know better than to ask the question. For the record, I have made quality complaints about dud cigars and gotten credit in return. It was a different time and place and back then I was a different kind of cigar buyer than I am today. A savvy consumer understands the market and makes the best of it, or stays out of it. My 2cts -the Pig
  21. You deserve it Mike. Congrats and happy landings! -R
  22. I have been wondering about Ross for sometime now. He was a bit of an enigma at times! Just when you thought you had him figured, he would surprise you with an opposite reply. He had that horse moniker for a long time. We would talk horses once in awhile. More than once he said to me, “I miss my horse.” I cannot say why of all things I remember that comment. Of course, I probably won’t miss mine!!! I had offered him many a cigar and he never took me up on one. Maybe giving me his address worried him… -LOL Godspeed mate. I hope you don’t mind if I call you my friend. You will be missed. You were a great asset to the forum and respected by many of your peers, me included. -Ray
  23. Conclusion: Rob is actually an under stimulated woman, and Ken has been right all along. Now hell can freeze over!!! -Piggy

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