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  1. » »there is something called s t y l e Simple lines..classic » looks....class. » » Rob, I have to agree . . . in general, that bike is beautifully styled, » but one thing has been bothering me . . . is that a urinal under the seat? » Ooops… touched a nerve on that one! Hey Bwana you know I am just yankin’ your chain. Speaking of chains… that motor is the same one that they put in the matching chainsaw model right??? Curmy… that ain’t no urinal babe… that was the new bedpan induction intake. It is kinda’ a pre-nitrous oxide thing. The more methane you generate the faster it goes. Backfires through the carb were no rarity though and as these things have no reed valves many an owner has suffered a serious recto-cranial inversion as the result of a backfire. It is how I got that plate in my head. On second thought… that might have been because of a Zundap! Okay Rob… sorry for busting your chops. I am just funnin’ you know. It is a cool scooter I just could not resist a little good fun. Yeah Curm it is a 207 and to answer your question the tire far exceeds the capability of the scooter and the intestinal fortitude of the rider as well. My knee draggin’ days are long over. With my hips requiring replacement (too many 45 minute motos and 200 mile enduros as a youngster) this is about the only thing that I can get on any more. After about 20 minutes in the saddle, even with this contraption, I am still suffering. If you guys want a real laugh I will have to scan a picture of me racing one of my old XR 500’s. What a pile of **** that thing was. What I loved most about it was that stupid 23 inch front wheel. Touch the brake in a corner… and down you went. I’ll have to post that if I can find it. Those were the days that we did something stupid every time we raced. Streamers on the helmet, Gumby on the handle bars… you know! I had taped on a cardboard crown on my helmet for that loop… really stupid. I laugh every time I come across the picture. Four inches of travel was cutting edge and we all thought we were Roger DeCoster! Ahhh, how I miss the smell of burning castor oil.
  2. I'll bet I got you to check!!! -Oink! » Nice one piggy
  3. » Pathetic Want to hear pathetic... I just bought the domain name! -LOL
  4. » Beautiful Horses .....my daughter would love one of those. "Will pull cart and eat watermelon for cigars" -LOL
  5. I wish you could come up with some Bolivar Demi Tasse Bwana. These put the ERdM to shame although I like them both. The Monte Joyita is a nice little smoke as well. Hmmm, I may just have one now! -Piggy » Bloody nice small gauge machine made. » » Has not been made (as far as I know) since Mid 2004. It actually went off » the scene at the same time as the Partagas Culebra and other high end » machine mades. I believe it is more to do with problems (operational and » contractual) the the new dedicated machine mades factory. » » My favourite 20 minute short babies: » » HDM Le Hoyo Du Maire » ERMD Demi Tasse » R&J Petite Julieta. » Cohiba Panetela
  6. You are right Bwana… one good cigar and one often overlooked by those who prefer ‘girth.’ I enjoy this one as well, my current smoking box is also of ’01 vintage. These, the Lanceros, and the S-3 are the best of Cohiba’s line… MHO!
  7. I'll play too Bwana... if you want to send me one. Just don't send me one of Ken's plugs!!! -LOL -Piggy
  8. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, ... bring back our First Lady!!! Hope your'a hav'un fun Honey Bunny! -R
  9. I don’t drink wine so I can’t say that I have much knowledge on the subject. I would have to think that wine made in larger quantities and being somewhat homogenous would be far more consistent than cigars. I am actually amazed that cigars, even out of the same box, have any consistency at all. Each cigar is a totally different animal, it has to be as cigar leaves are not large enough to fashion a whole box from just a few leaves. Each one is its own little one time experiment… never to be recreated again. It is a paradox, that is for sure.
  10. Cool lid Bwana. I guess it is about time to em the Lady that runs the place and get a few reserved!!!;-)
  11. "Honey... I did not forget your birthday! The fact is you don't look a day over 25! Show me your birth certificate! No way you are 40... No way." If that does not get you off the hook you're ****ed! -Piggy
  12. I won’t smoke NC’s. Perhaps I am one dimensional! Smoking time is my time. Why waste it with a flimsy imitator? Smoking a cigar is sort of like a blind date; each has its own mystery surrounding it. Lets just say that a Cuban cigar will take you all the way, and NC’s… well you will likely wish you stayed at home with “your” dog rather than the one you are kissing!
  13. I think some can go over the top with their reviews and descriptors. But at the same time, how can I say they are incorrect or not truthful? I did not smoke the same cigar they did. I have tasted many of the items described here in Cuban cigars. I think SLR’s have a black cherry taste! Additionally I have tasted mint, almond and even rosemary! Sometimes I just can’t put my finger on it and I call it tobacco! I usual say, “straight-forward tobacco,” verses crooked and backward leaning tobacco. -LOL
  14. The nice thing about having a ‘few’ cigars is that there is a lot in rotation. I like a lot of smaller cigars as I don’t always have the time to smoke a cigar larger than 5 inches. Du Depute PLPC (Bolivar or other) HdM Petit Robusto Any Lonsdale (Upmann’s… Mmmm!) Any Corona (too many to choose from Party, Punch, VR…) Hard not to replace them all with a Cohiba Lanceros, whenever I have the time! -Piggy
  15. Not really my favorite despite the ubiquitous favorable reviews. I suppose that the larger ring cigars are simply loosing favor with me. When it comes to a DC my current favorite is the remaining ’98 Punch.
  16. I would have to second the SLR Lonnie but I must say that I prefer Rob’s current crop of D-1’s. Good cigar none the less with medium complexity and character; a rich and rewarding smoke. On the other hand I prefer to watch Lady Piggy mow the lawn and not spoil my smoking experience! The smell of fresh cut grass goes well with any cigar and it is more interesting to supervise Lady Piggy as I occasionally glace up from Investors Business Daily while making sure my ash grows to a uniform length!!! Good review Bwana! -P
  17. This is just your smoking stock... right Bwana? -P
  18. Well Lisa I just read the thread about the computers… and I find it odd that it correlates so well with your birthday. Have a good one dear! I have found a nice little gift for you but it will take a while to get it there. As a matter of fact, it has not even made it here yet!!! Enjoy the day sweetie and happy birthday from all of us abroad. (XOXOXO) -Piggy
  19. Now Ken… us folks here at home are hot for this ****!!! Could you make this sound any more exciting… please!!! I think next year Bwana needs to hire a professional chronicler. I have at least one person in mind! –LOL Enjoy the trip boys, and help out Ken here with the reports!!! -Piggy
  20. One item that appears to be left uncovered is your meaning of “perfect draw.” CC’s have a characteristic stiff draw, you are not missing anything. I enjoy a bit of resistance myself and the fact that my cigar was generously packed means that it won’t turn to mush or burn too hot. A perfect draw to me is moderately stiff. It reminds me to slow down and enjoy my time with my intimate partner! Enjoy. -Piggy
  21. Speaking of satisfying ones urge to “even the score.” Don’t forget the reason that you get those fantastic cigars hand selected and expertly packed!!! Opps… Rob said no SHILLING!!! I wonder if he meant that I could not pitch his establishment. Anyway it is our First Lady that provides for those smiles every time you peel open the purple paper and see a box from the “Wanker.” AND… it is First Lady Lisa’s birthday this month guys. Yes, I know all the secrets! Don’t let her go feeling lonely while “Bwana” is away. (hint, hint) -Piggy » Hi Lisa! » » you should work on your private stock while the czar is gone. » » 5 finger discount!

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