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  1. Too bad! I have found it interesting... I am hoping admin does not pull down either side. Just MHO. Cheers! -R PS... not fishing for an explanation or rationale. Making a statement of interest in reading people apparently well read on a topic...
  2. ... save it my friend. You are entrenched and so am I. Lets leave it and continue to be friends. Being a capitalist at heart, someone is buying my time and I owe them their money's worth while I am on their clock! Cheers! -Ray
  3. I have just pointed out a historic fact about what Hitler did to labor. Do you care to rebut it or deny it? He destroyed the rights of workers to represent themselves and replaced it with a government run entity that could be controlled from the top, by him. You did not answer it, nor deny it with facts, you rolled right over the facts and filled your arguments with hyperbole. Where are your facts about what Hitler did to foster individualism, respectful of individual liberty and natural rights...? What did he do to protect the voice of the minority? Where exactly did he respect natural law and natural rights in this model of government? He did not... He ruled from the top down, just like socialists and communist do the world over... My government did not teach me this. My grandparents flead communism from central Europe. My father's family was from Ukraine, and my mother was Czech. They taught me this...
  4. Revisionist history... The far right is anarchy, not dictatorship or fascist forms of government where governments pair with industry to meet government needs/requirements. Anarchy does not work either, but Nazi Germany was never about individual liberty, and freedom. It was top down centralized control which is an earmark of both communism and socialism. It had every earmark of a socialist state including government control of labor and wages. Read your history... Chancellor Hitler's early moves against labor included the GLF, the means by which he banned labor unions and took over control of the county's labor. That is not an earmark of the right, that is not open market, nor capitalist. This was/is a socialist policy. If it walks like a duck, talk likes a duck and swims like a duck... it is a duck!
  5. ... tell that to the east Germans... Czechs... etc. Where do you think Putin learned about land grabs...? Please read the formation of the Soviet Union.
  6. I tend to find this 'wide divide' distinction between national socialist and communists a bit of a joke. Nazis were rank amateurs (please don't see that as a defense, I am likely the harshest anti-communist/socialist on this form) compared to communists... of any ethnicity. Hell the damn Soviets and Nazis were allied in the early days of WWII. If they were not so much alike, they would like likely stayed allied. There is not a slim hair of difference between them. Beyond the purges and murders of the early Soviet revolution, ask any Pol about Katyn.. The Nazis learned genocide from the Reds... A communist calling someone a Nazi is akin to a hog using 'pig' as an insult.
  7. People thought me nuts over my preference of the Diplomaticos to Montys. Might hav to light up a No 1 this weekend.
  8. … well, the one or more you smoke today, certainly cannot be smoked tomorrow!!! Smoke what is good when it is good. The hell with waiting on cigars. When you have an itch.. scratch it! -the Pig
  9. This is what a Siglo 3 used to look like if anyone needed a reminder….. -lol Welcome back to the 90’s…..
  10. ... cut the price of cigars on the island and promote some cigar tourism. Oh, that's right, Cuba was built on 'capitalism not working...'
  11. Some obscure and some not so. Some old and some new(er). Some film noir favorites... Enjoy...
  12. ... miss one of our favorites, Night of the Demon/Curse of the Demon! How about The Haunting...?
  13. Due to recent tension… I would not keep the colorado claro next to the maduros. Better also keep a keen eye on the subversive Belicosos Lives Matter group, or you might be fighting fires in there!!!🐷
  14. Clearly ‘survival’ means different things to different people!!!! 🐷
  15. Posting about Cuban cigars was not always benign. Not if you wanted to talk facts about the Cuban government, and their cigar company, certain vendors, writers and their shills. Public posting might find threats to rat you out to certain agencies. Alas, the internet remains the internet… Public CC forums have not always been this friendly! I admin’d a private forum for many years for precisely this reason. -Piggy
  16. ... oh yeah? Ask where the income tax came from. The cancellation of tax revenue from alcohol sales during prohibition, brought in the income tax. Pretty easy to bring in a VAT tax to cover any hole. When it comes to taxes, our friends in government are not at all short on new ideas!!!
  17. ... I am an essential oil diffusing type, it that is included here. Many oil blends are redolent of 'eau de humidor' and we have them going all the time. Cheers! -Piggy
  18. You cannot fight this without waging war on granular thinking. I just wrote a piece on it... and am deciding on whether to post it... -the Pig
  19. Love you too my friend! Good to see you post. Hope you and the family are well. Saw you called. Been traveling and left my personal phone at home (business travel). Lets set aside a little time to talk. Miss our chats! Now back to the salt-mine for me! -Ray
  20. My coolers not only hydrate, but dehydrate. This lead once to a humidifier that become overly full, shorted out the humidifier fan and started to fill the bottom of my humidor with water. Only thing that got wet was a box of BBFs. In my case, it was pure operator error. I don't get condensation in the humidor by design, but if you don't empty the closed system when it is humid weather, well, you can get a pool of water! What clued me off was that I noticed the box was always looking to dehydrate. I opened the door and water ran out...! Not the fault of the humidor, all mine!!! Sorry about the loss of the cigars. That does suck! Active controlled humidors require some vigilance. -the Pig

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