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  1. A reporter asks Chuck Norris during an interview. How many push ups can you do! Chuck"answers: "all of the them!
  2. I love the ardbeg 10. If you want something different try: Glenfarclas 15 Springbank Aberlour A'bunadh Benriach Curiositas peated Bowmore Tempest Caol Ila Destillers Edition Glendronach 15 Rivival Laphroaigh 18 Longrow Talisker Destillers edition Caol ila is a good scotch, I would try to tretch it to the destillers edition. Good Luck and enjoy!
  3. What really would be great to do, is reviewing a CUABA. This is by your side (and anyone else's) one of the most underrated cigar. Please do try a CUABA exclusivos. We had a box from FOH, which was wonderful. And please have Diana joining the review.
  4. Allmost, was in LCDH in Amsterdam Friday, to pick up some. Saw at least 10 boxes on the counter. All sold!!!! All to one costumer. together with at least 8 boxes of partagas limitadas. Damn. But will let you know as soon as I got my hand on them.
  5. Agree, got better last 25% of the bottle. first half was just ok to me.
  6. Don''t want to be rude but iI didn't like the Talisker dark storm. (get the North 57 or 18 if you can get hold of a botle, way better)
  7. Have bought 6 bottles for my brother. To be frank not as good as the previous botteling. That one was heaven.
  8. Lagavulin 16 Glenfarclas 15 Glenmorangie nectar dór Benriach Everything from Ardbeg

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