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  1. Friday is a classic! Craig: I got fired yesterday. Smokey: Fo' real...?! I thought you had the day off yesterday. Craig: I did. Went in there pick up my check. Came home. Supervisor called me about 4 o'clock. Talking about they got me on tape stealing boxes. Smokey: The f*ck you doin' stealin' boxes for? What you trying to build a clubhouse? Man, I know you didn't go out like that. Craig: Hell, no, ain't got me on tape. Said they did. Fired me on the spot. Talkin' about pressin' charges. Smokey: Goddamn. You've got to be one stupid motherf*cker to get fired on your day off!
  2. I always wondered what people did at work before the internet! Great article, very interesting.
  3. That's the worst advertising picture FOH and Spitbucket could have to deal with. Before and After...Look what happens after years of great wine and fine cigars!
  4. Both have had some pretty harsh things to say about each other. Hopkins is a crafty fighter who started boxing in prison. He's a big trash talker leading up to a fight, but I think it's mainly for show. Fighting Hopkins the second time is never an easy task, he's got a great defense and finds ways to win.
  5. I always wish there was a follow up interview with these end of the world people.
  6. The man destined to carry on the Ayala name sent you right down the river! Facebook > Father's Well being!
  7. Currently I've been listening to baseball games on my phone. Got the MLB app that lets you listen to any game with either the home or away local broadcast crew. It's great, sitting outside listening to a baseball game in the warming weather.
  8. Incredible final day! Great showing by the Aussies, Jason Day from just got a shout out for Brisbane.
  9. A tight draw will produce less smoke, but are there other regular factors that regulate the amount of smoke from a cigar? Do longer cigars normally provide less than shorter? I've noticed the last few double coronas I smoked have produced less smoke. Would like to hear what the group has found.
  10. We should all call in huge orders and then right before giving credit card numbers yell April fools and slam the phone down!
  11. I use the 65% beads and right now the house temperature is stable between 63-67 degrees. In the summer months, I'll have to move the humidor to the basement. I've found I have to add a little (small amount using a syringe) distilled water about once a week this time of year to keep things at 65%.
  12. Ken - I read a review of a Trinidad Fundadores and the reviewr noted a faint pink hue to the ash. Haven't heard about it much and have never seen it for myself, but it seems you're not alone.
  13. A friend and I were debating whether or not most cigar smokers are physically addicted. I'm more addicted by the overall enjoyment than any physical nicotine addiction. This friend insists I'm addicted, but my argument is that I only smoke a couple a week and could stop today if I wanted to (not that the thought has ever entered my mind). So I ask the group, do you feel you have a physical addiction?
  14. Bledsoe was no slouch, that's pretty cool! Also, just to step onto an NFL field means you were one of the best in the world at something, not many can claim that. Must have been nice to get your two from Bledsoe with him being a Washington State guy.
  15. I appreciate the confirmation, now I don't feel the need to ration my smokes or go off the deep end and start hoarding!
  16. Hi All, I know I've read some members don't have cigars shipped during the warm seasons to avoid the possible issues high temperatures have on cigars. I wanted to see what the overall feel was related to this. In many instances the shipping origination and destination are in two polar opposite seasons, so does it even matter to try and combat the high temps? Would like know your own experiences and if it's safe to have stock shipped throughout the year. Cheers!
  17. I thought he was a rabid NFL fan signaling touchdown. Just couldn't place what team he was cheering for, Packers are the cheese heads, not sure about bread heads. But if the two got together and could find a wine head they'd be all set for a tailgate!
  18. Happy Birthday Rob, keep living passionately!
  19. 1. I offer you four cigars from which you can choose: Long Skinny/Robusto/Piramide/Churchill. Which would you choose? Robusto 2. You are on my deck, Beer/Wine/straight Rum/Water....which would you choose? Beer 3. Cat person/Dog person/ Hate both. Which are you? Dog person 4.Car Guy or Bike guy? What Marque? Car - BMW 5. Occupation Finance 6. Single/Married or escaped (divorced)? How long? Single 7. Other favourite hobby outside of cigars? Golf 8. Do you read a newspaper daily (online or physical)? Online 9. Favourite movie? The Outlaw Josey Wales 10. Favourite meal? Steak/Seafood (Surf and Turf)
  20. Damn, I was hoping it was the golden czar ticket!
  21. I'm guessing it's nothing, just one of those things about a handmade product that is interesting. I'll keep an eye out on the rest of the bands from the box, but I only smoke the DC's once in awhile. From the past link it seems this has been seen from time to time, so I just wanted to see if anybody got to the bottom of it (if there is a bottom to get to!)
  22. Very well could be. Hopefully one of our subject matter experts on here can unlock the mystery. I'm confident in the legitimacy of my source so I'm more interested in just figuring out if it means anything.

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