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  1. Thanks mate. When I said better sticks than other packagings I also included 25 cabs in that lot...
  2. Whenever one of my favourite sticks is available in a 50 cab that is what I buy. For one I find that those big boxes don't fly off the shelf as fast as smaller boxes. So I usually get a box that is one year old minimum. For two, and this is where it gets very subjective, in my opinion 50 cabs come with a "better" quality of sticks. I've picked up the odd comment here and there about this over the years. Like I said: subjective. To the proud owner of a 50 cab there are no cuter cabs out there! :-) But the logical me can't see why during packing the better cigars would be allocated to the big cab. Right?.... Anybody out there with the same experience? Or, even better, an explanation if there is something more to this than my subjective perception? Just asking... Cheers Dan
  3. I believe Smallclub and Orion are dead right. For cigar board members to account for most of the CC consumption, each member would have to consume (purchase and/or smoke) anywhere between 5 and 20 cigars per day. This is based on a yearly CC production of 81.5 M cigars for 2010 (Telegraph, 14 Jun, 2011 - "Cuban cigar sales on the rise again"). Board membership is the total of CA (32,441), ICC (3,489) and FOH (7,539) for the 5 cigars per day figure and the total of ICC and FOH only for the 20 cigars per day figure. Reality is probably much higher since multi-board membership is assumed to be zero. So what makes up the largest market segment? My guess would be special celebration purchases: birth, birthday, graduation, promotion, vacation, bachelor party, mariage, divorce, gifts, etc... Typically, high price tickets are the mainstay of these purchases. So for cigars: big ring gauges, EL, RE and anything else perceived as classy by non-regular smokers based largely on price (the higher the better) or celebrity appeal. Yes, board members are a drop in the ocean and as such are unlikely to influence HSA marketing decisions. HSA is doing what any business would do: make more of what sells and less of what doesn't.
  4. There is a nice cigar shop near where I live and, as luck would have it, the owner is as curious about cigars as he is knowledgeable. So I make a point of dropping in every once in a while to see what new treasure he hides in his secret humidor. He knows me for what I am: a hard-core Cuban cigar smoker. Full-stop. So I was surprised when during my last visit he disappeared and came back with a cellophane wrapped stick in his hand and said – “You might want to try this one…” “What is it?” I asked. “Dominican” he replied, “it is a Davidoff, entirely made from local leafs, including the wrapper” I guess my inner thoughts sort of morphed to my face. When it comes to cigars, cellophane wrappers are a close second only to the words non-Cuban as a deal breaker. “This is not a Cuban wannabe” he said defensively. “Try it for what it is, a spicy full-bodied Dominican cigar” “Spicy?” I said, my ears perking up at the unsaid challenge to my beloved Shorts. “Very, very spicy” he answered. “And flat and one-dimensional as a board I suppose?” “Not at all, there is some complexity in that spice” he replied. And then he smiled, you know… THAT smile, the I dare you smile. So after resting the Davidoff for two weeks in the humidor and taking advantage of a break in the weather I decided to give it a try. REVIEW Marca: Davidoff Vitola: Puro D’Oro Deliciosos Corona Appearance: Rock hard construction, Dense roll, two or three leaf colors visible in the foot Nice pigtail on the head Flawless colorado claro wrapper, nice sheen with darker “brindled” markings Cold: Dark rich chocolate smell on the foot, barnyard on the wrapper Draw is on the tight side of perfect, surprising in view of dense roll and rock hard feel Taste is woody straw with hints of powdered cayenne pepper Band: This detail is worthy of mention for the Davidoff Puro D’Oro line. The band is classy looking: gold with embossed lettering. But what makes it interesting is that it is placed on the foot of the cigar as opposed to the usual position near the head. There are advantages to this: - Puro D’Oro smokers do not face the dilemma: smoking with or without the band. - The band will offer some protection against cracking or damage to the foot of the cigar - If the wrapper is damaged when removing an improperly glued band the cigar is not (potentially) ruined. The damage is limited to an area close to the foot that is “smoked out” early on. If you have had cigars unravel on you because of damage to the wrapper near the head you will appreciate this point. Opening: There are volumes of pleasant aroma smoke. Explosive spice through the nose! Cayenne pepper as opposed to white or black pepper. High side of medium body Strong salty cedar/leather taste with early hints of ginger Thirds: The salty cedar/leather taste lingers consistently in background through all three thirds. First Nose on fire! The spice tingles on the tongue Hints of ginger on the palate The ash is light gray to white Burn is straight(ish) and self correcting in spite of strong winds Second Full bodied by now, no question Dark bitter chocolate smoothen out some of the spice Hints of toffee/salty caramel pop in and out Third Spice has tamed down Tongue still tingling but lips as well by now (combination spice and nicotine?) Hints of ginger back with “some” sweetness. Overall: This is not a CC wannabe; it is defining its own identity through the exclusive use of Dominican tobacco, wrapper and flavor profile. This cigar has a strong cedar/leather/spice base throughout with occasional hints of bitter chocolate, salty caramel and ginger. Not overly complex when compared to CC but not one-dimensional either. Perhaps more exposure to this amount of spice will improve the ability to pick out subtler and more delicate flavors? This is a pleasant surprise that will appeal to those folks who appreciate a full-bodied and very spicy cigar.
  5. Greetings Brothers and Sisters, Habanos S.A. has been in receipt of the petition letter and of the list of signatures since September 1st. To-date there has been neither acknowledgement or formal reply. Until further notice this silence must stand as the most eloquent of replies. I want to thank you all again for supporting the petition and I hope that none of your preferred current vitolas are on death row. Cheers Dan
  6. Allright then if you are serious about getting THE ultimate classic bike here it is... And for those of you who are curious here is a neat video on the beast.
  7. Update at the time of petition closing: 318 signatures. Thanks to each and everyone who signed and commented. The letter and list of signatories (names only) have now been sent to Habanos S.A. and Altadis. Any reply will be posted on the Forum. iPetitions will remove the petition and delete all data related: names and email adresses. Moderators please lock this thread. Cheers Dan
  8. Status as of August 26th. 307 signatures Cheers Dan Reminder: the petition closes this coming Friday.
  9. I have been testing this for some time now and WOW, it works! It really makes sense if you think about it... Thanks a lot mate! Cheers Dan
  10. Update as of July 19 th 302 signatures. Cheers Dan Only two more weeks to go...
  11. Status as of August 12th. 293 signatures Reminder: the petition will close at the end of the month. Cheers Dan
  12. Status as of July 5th. 289 signatures Next update on July 12th. Reminder: the petition closes at the end of August.
  13. Guantanamera Cristales! Everything is better after...
  14. Update as of August 1st, 20h30 CET 281 signatures PLEASE NOTE: The petition will close at the end of August. Updates will be given on a weekly basis. Cheers Dan

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