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  1. I've never hated Dr. Pepper, but never craved it either. My soda vices are A&W Root Beer, Bitter Lemon, & Vanilla Coke depending on what side of the planet I'm at. A&W is hard to find in The Netherlands and Bitter Lemon is impossible to find in Taiwan. Finding Vanilla Coke anywhere at this day and age is like finding a golden ticket. But wasn't Dr. Pepper supposed to be a mix between Coke & Root Beer?
  2. I think this behavior starts whenever a man is living alone. I did it in college when I didn't need to go out, my classmate would often open the door in his boxers when he didn't have class. Nothing wrong with shorts around the house. Btw. the are you're sitting in is outrageous!
  3. Another QI fan! Love Alan's remark "racist" The experiments (or Jolly Japes) this season were incredible, I especially like the smoke rings and the round paper airplane.
  4. One of my least favorite cigars, but damn, I'd eat that one up! It looks so amazing, it makes me want to reconsider trying a RASS again.....
  5. Just picked up these books and a Siglo II, the P2 is from an old box. Can't wait to read those books!
  6. Happy New Year to all our brothers and sisters! It's been another great, and eventful, year on this board. Hope everybody has an amazing 2013, but mostly I hope we can have a year in which cigars and their smokers are left alone. No more smoking bans or regulations, no more packaging changes or HSA scandals, just a simple year where we can all enjoy our hobby in peace.
  7. Interesting article, although still not very definitive. I always thought it's origins came from the ammunition belt (I think Dara O'Briain commented on that on an episode of QI) used during the war. But its origin stemming from six yards is an interesting theory that seems plausible.
  8. What an incredible gift, truly one of a kind! Happy birthday btw.
  9. Weather permitting, I'll be having a Siglo II (first cigar I smoked, also during New Years Eve) and a Partagas P2 (the cigar I smoked during my first New Years Eve with my girlfriend). Together with a nice bottle of Piper.
  10. Loved it! The "Meet the baby" event cracked me up. Wish I had come up with something like this for my Digital Storytelling class
  11. I love this! What a beautiful way of displaying your bottles. They seriously look amazing on your wall!
  12. Nino, you live a life worth being jealous of! It's one thing that you just came back from Cuba, but Hong Kong during Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year in one of my favorite cities in the world! Hope you have a great time! While we're here in freezing Europe....... What I wouldn't give for shaved ice with mango and yoghurt :'(
  13. I don't see how the hospital is to blame. I also don't believe the DJ's should be sued for what happened, but they sure as hell should feel guilty for what happened. No matter what the reason for the suicide, that public disgrace didn't help and those DJ's are to blame for that. If some nutter finds another way to hijack a plane, would you blame the airport and defend the idiot who was responsible? I'm not gonna judge the prank, if things hadn't turned out this way it might have been considered a funny joke, if for some reason it was one of the funniest pranks of the year the DJ's would have enjoyed the fame, so I think it's only fair that now they carry the burden of knowing their little joke went terribly wrong. I remember Jonathan Ross & Russel Brand got into some SERIOUS trouble with the BBC when they prank called Andrew Sachs (Manuel from Fawlty Towers) and said some terrible things. Ross got suspended and Brand got fired and everybody and their cousin cried outrage about what they had done. I don't see how this is any different.
  14. I'm half Taiwanese and lived there for a couple of years, so this madness doesn't surprise me at all. It's their way of keeping the viewers interested in stories they wouldn't usually care about. And although it looks like a Sims game gone wrong, it's still pretty funny
  15. This is only the teaser, something to wet your beak. I for one am pretty excited about this and can't wait for next year. Should be fairly epic!
  16. That had me busting a rib I once tried to buy an incomplete box at LCDH Avenue 5th and the guy almost had a panic attack because he couldn't sell us an entire box if it had cigars missing and he would have to sell them as singles, but if he sold the entire box minus 4 cigars the till wouldn't be accurate and he'd have trouble with his taxes.... thankfully he took the time to figure out a way for us to buy the box without him getting into trouble with the government. Crazy rules in Cuba.
  17. A nice D4 between two classes. Luckily I had my gloves, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to survive smoking outside.
  18. Just saw this somewhere else: http://9gag.com/gag/5860531
  19. I really enjoyed it, one of the better cigars I had this summer. Not really a special occasion cigar, but a solid smoke none the less.
  20. That looks really nice! I'm gonna keep this product in mind, as my current travel case (zero halliburton) is a little too big for short distance traveling.
  21. I love cooking! I'm a huge cooking nerd and when I travel instead of going to museums or sightseeing, I go to the shopping districts where all the chefs go and browse the shops and bookstores there. I'm also still a little attached to my old gaming hobby and although I still follow all the news and updates and whatnot, I don't spend that much money on games anymore (rather buy cigars).
  22. Love this cigar! Not a big fan of the Panetela, and have yet to try a Petit Corona that knocks my socks off, but the Monte Carlos is truly and consistently great. A constant in my humidor next to the RASCC.

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