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  1. When I go out I usually put cigars in old tubo's, so you'll mostly see me with a piramide in the club or a robusto since I only have empty P2 and Short Churchill tubo's For my last birthday we went to a club and I just filled an empty 10 count box of Partagas D4 with cigars and brought the whole box to the club And luckily it fitted in my girlfriends handbag But I should really invest in a nice cigar case like you have, I have a 30 count cigar case, but I need something to put in my bag for short trips!
  2. Thanks! Yeah I can only fit one more box of minutos right now But about 1/3 of the boxes are gonna move to my friends humidor soon! I'm looking forward to that day like parents look forward to their 35 year old unemployed son moving out And next year I hope to complete a new humidor that I'll hopefully use for at least 5 years http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/inde...howtopic=102829
  3. Love it! Wonderfully written and as stated above, things have hardly changed Only now EVERYONE is nagging about smoking in public, men and women alike
  4. I voted for: ERDM - Grandes De Espana (the only cigar I repeatedly smoked in Cuba) ERDM - Gran Corona Partagas - SDC 1 Partagas - SDC 2 RA - 898 These are cigars I tried and really liked. I'd also love to know what the Partagas Lonsdale tasted like
  5. As some of you might have seen in my introduction topic my humidor is nearly full and I've started a new project: Converting a 19" server cabinet that can hold 30 cubic feet into a new humidor! Some info: The cabinet measures 60x80x180 (cm) and is made from aluminum. There are ventilation holes on the sides of the front door (that I want to close off with cedar veneer) And a huge ventilation raster on the bottom of the back door (I'll probably close that off as well) At the top of cabinet is room for 8 fans, but I have 2 right now (one can fill the cabinet with fresh air 4 times in one minute) I'm planning on buying some cedar to build planks to put my boxes on and want to humidify it by using beads (I probably need 5 pounds ) As I'm leaving in 3 weeks and won't come back until next summer I have no rush in finishing this project, but I did want to prepare and plan out all the possibilities because with a cabinet like this the possibilities are endless! The most ambitious one being to build two or three small cedar humidors that I can pull out But right now I want to keep it simple and to be completely honest not too expensive. I fully plan on this humidor to be an ongoing project that I can expand and evolve throughout the years. I'd love to hear some of your suggestions (I will post pictures ASAP) I also have one question: The fans: should I make them blow out the "old" air or supply fresh air? And if I make them supply clean cool air, does that make the temperature go down at all? I've read Bartolomeo and PigFish's topics and PigFish's manual, but I'm not sure everything applies to a non temp controlled humidor, so I'm still in need of more info
  6. Welcome! Good luck with University! Stock up on some cigars cause in England they're hella expensive!
  7. Cool to see some forum members from the Dutch forum here! Yeah it's nice to see the laid-back atmosphere here! I'm loving it so far
  8. Yeah I also saw a fishing picture of him next to the newspaper on top of a stack of papers. Near the wine bottles.
  9. Thanks for all the welcomes! I've already gone through months worth of old topics and learned a lot! Most notably a post from 2007 about Partagas SDC3 having a ligero leaf in it which was a revelation for me to say the least @Kangaroo495: I was lucky enough to have started smoking cigars before the smoking ban in The Netherlands and there are still a couple of lounges where I can smoke regularly. In Taiwan it's still okay to smoke in public places except restaurants and karaoke bars So when I go out to a club I can bring a Sir Winston with me to accompany my drinks God bless Cuba where people start smoking the SECOND they walk into the arrival hall at the airport. I even smoked in the elevator of the hotel I was staying in
  10. Honestly, they look okay to me. The foot looks pretty well filled and it has a nice triple cap and decent wrapper. Presentation is also spot on. The only thing that looks off to me is the filling, way too many loose and small pieces. But the most important question is probably: How do they smoke? If these are fake they're some of the best looking fakes I've seen yet.
  11. Interesting views from all! I've always wondered what the best way is to fully prepare your palate for cigars. At first I always thought that a clean and rested palate would let you experience all the flavors a cigar has to offer, but during the winter I hardly smoke and I notice that when the summer season starts I need to kick start my palate to fully enjoy cigars and their various tastes again. Lately I've been under the impression that the first cigar of the day dictates the flavor of the next one, but it seems given the replies here that I might have been wrong Last week I've had a day where I smoked 5 cigars and all cigars were pretty full of flavor, but I noticed my palate was pretty messed up around the time I smoked the last two. One was a non-cuban (Don Pepin Garcia Black Label Robusto) that I swear tasted just like a Trinidad Robusto T And the last cigar was a Bolivar BF that tasted fine but I couldn't really distinguish any individual tastes. So perhaps there is a point where your palate just can't handle the cigars anymore and makes them taste bland. As stated above some sparkling water can really cleanse your palate but even a simple coke or other sparkling beverage would do (but maybe chase away the taste with some water ) Also a GREAT palate cleanser is a small bite of sorbet ice, I found (personally) that mango generally makes me taste everything a little clearer!
  12. Beautiful! He should get a medal for standing his ground, but opening the emergency exit of a moving plane is pretty extreme There should be more accountability for customers who push people to the limit with rude behavior. On the other side some flight attendants are real assholes too
  13. Thats so cool! I'm half Taiwanese myself (that was part of the choice to move there ) Maybe we can smoke a cigar there some day
  14. I agree that you should go for all 3 given the opportunity, but if you can only choose one I'd go for the number two and give them some time to mature. I've smoked a couple of each and once smoked a number 2 with some age on it (without a band so from before 2005 I think?) and it was hands down the best cigar I smoked in Cuba! I'm also trying to complete the set while I still can, just one more box to go! (SDC 3)
  15. Can't wait for this new edition! I've been trying to restrain myself from buying the first edition and holding out for this new one. Which this book came leather bound so I could buy a bible stand and put it next to my humidor Also awesome to see Nino on this forum sharing all his amazing gathered intelligence
  16. Never really gave Dips any thought, also they're pretty hard to find in my part of the world. But I'm a big fan of the Monty 2 and the Partagas P2 so I should probably try this one asap. The promise of cinnamon in a cigar is always plus for me
  17. Wow I'm surprised a lot of you don't like the EL's I've had some amazing EL's from years gone by like the Monty Robusto 2006 is amazing now (I wasn't impressed by it two years ago though) and the HdM 2003 has one of the sweetest and most flawless wrappers I've ever seen on a cigar (the taste was also very special) Also the Partagas 2008 was pretty damn delicious when I smoked it three weeks ago! My worst releases: - Cohiba Maduro line (only the Secretos bring something to the table taste wise, the rest is bland as hell) - Most RE's I've tried. I have high hopes for the RA Estupendos and Phoenicios, but most have been really dull especially the Benelux editions. - I guess I'll have to agree that the Monty Open series have been a real miss. Anything that comes in boxes of 20 is un-Cuban in my eyes
  18. Hi! My name is CBL and I'm a 23 year old aficionado from The Netherlands although I live and study in Taiwan right now. I started smoking cigars two and a half years ago during New Years Eve where a friend and I smoked a Cohiba Siglo II, 3 months later we bought a humidor together and our first box of Montecristo 4's. Since then many a box has passed and before long I bought another humidor to keep entire boxes in. Sadly that humidor is also nearing it's breaking point and I'm working on a new project to save my cigars in. Last summer me and my friend went to Cuba for a week to be closer to the source of both our happiness and the demise of any financial gain: Cuban Cigars! We had an amazing time and smoked some beauties and learnt a lot about the whole process and what is available. We hope to go again some day and maybe even attend a Habanos Festival one day Two years ago I started studying Advertising at a college in Taiwan. Most of my cigars remain in The Netherlands where my dad looks after them (although he doesn't smoke himself) and I have a small humidor in my apartment in Taipei for singles. Even though I am relatively young and somewhat inexperienced I'm blessed to have had the chance to own and try some of the best and rarest cigars that are available in our time. Cigars like: Ramon Allones 8-9-8 (found in a small corner humidor in Club Havana) Ramon Allones Phoenicios (bought one single in Taipei) Bolivar Libertador Montecristo No. 4 Reserva HdM Piramide EL 2003 (bought one in Prague a couple of weeks ago) Cohiba Sublime EL 2004 (was given one in Hong Kong!) El Rey Del Mundo Tainos etc. Some cigars might not be extremely rare and I've seen plenty of people with boxes of RA 898 and Phoenicios, but remember I'm a 23 year old student and for me these are some ones in a lifetime smokes Cigars I love include: Montecristo 4 - My first love and I'll always remember that first box! Partagas D4 - delicious for any time of the day H.Upmann Sir Winston - The first one I smoked was a rollercoaster ride of different tastes! Ramon Allones SCC - My favorite coffee cigar, I go through a box with no hesitation! Trinidad Reyes - Great with a coke Trinidad Robusto T - Like smoking a piece of bread! Too bad the price is ludicrous. And many more that I've sadly only smoked once Allow me to show you a little humidor history, hopefully I'll be able to post my new humidor soon! My first humidor that I shared with a friend - March 2008: My first humidor for myself - August 2008: My humidor after Cuba - August 2009: My humidor right now - August 2010: Note: The Cohiba Behike 52, Cohiba Sellecion Reserva and most of the lower right corner is my friends. The Tainos and the Monty 2 box are filled with singles. I hope this has been a thorough enough introduction and look forward to learning from everybody and sharing my experiences. P.s. I found this forum after watching the FOH reviews on Youtube which I absolutely LOVE! I often watch them without caring what the cigar might taste like, I just love the back and forth interaction It's exactly how I usually smoke with friends, nothing pretentious and no holds barred insults

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