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  1. 2 hours ago, El Presidente said:

    For the right reason, no problem at all. 

    However, it is also one of the preferred domains of bots.  Each "resurrection" is treated on its merits. 


    In the span of the proceeding few days, I saw 7 or 8 various threads, each years old, with a fresh post by someone with 1-10 posts only, stating something vaguely familiar to the actual thread contents.  Without saying "IT'S THE BOTS", that's what I was trying to say.

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  2. 53 minutes ago, Habana Mike said:

    Cracked this morning for the market opening


    Still tastes like peanut butter!

    Son of a...  :tantrum:

    I'm actually STILL trying to get my hands on a full jar.  Missed out on these on release (smoked some singles here and there, always had better things to spend the ducets on at the time).  Was just talking about it with Frank the other day, this and the H. Upmann Mag 46 jar.

    Looks wonderful.  ?

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  3. 15 hours ago, El Presidente said:

    My buick got stuck behind a Mosquito Fog Truck that decided to start fumigating.  We couldn't get out of the chemical fog stream as we were boxed in by trafic. 

    Guaranteed that 5 minutes took a few years off my life :rolleyes:

    And those are the good years too!

    Sitting in a rocking chair.  Drooling on oneself.  Deciding if you need to fart or crap yourself (wait, am I wearing my Depends today???)  Picking grey hairs off of one's chest.

    The PRIME of one's life.

    (I was gonna post a picture of @dobaman after a night out drinking, lol)

    Yup, the good years.  Dammit.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, NSXCIGAR said:

    ...Interesting, yes, but these just scream gonna need a lot of rest to me. ...

    I dunno.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed no.  The Inmensos were damn good right away relatively.  I still have a couple boxes of those, so I may need to revisit soon.

    That said, LGC is the ultimate of the "wait and see" / "patience is a virtue" type of cigars for long-term aging.  I still have some late 90's and early 2000's of the MdO series boxes (1s, 2s and 4s), so it's something that wouldn't be unexpected for me with that marca.  But then again, the RE and LE releases are usually such different formats and blends sometimes from the regular production, and stuff since 2008 or so has been matured and ready to smoke SOOOOOOO much sooner than cigars from the decades before, that I'm just interested to see.

    The format, in a Laguito No 2, just lends itself to enjoyment no matter what happens, aging wise.  

  5. I've come to find it depends on what you want to achieve, on two main factors:

    1 - long term, or short term aging.

    Long-term storage (like 10+ years)?  Not too much, maybe a 3 or 4.  Less air movement helps things to age and "marinate" better perhaps / it's believed.  

    Short-term aging (like a few months to only 2 or 3 years)?  More like a 7 or 8.  More air movement helps moisture and various compounds in the cigars mature and age a bit quicker.  That said, it could also lead to a lessening of the effects of oils in the tobacco, and "force aging", at the hinderance of long-term performance of the cigar.


    2 - storage environment / humidor construction.

    If you have a coolerdor, or something more low and wide?  Not too much importance, same score, maybe a 3 or 4.  Opened very rarely, not a huge elevation difference from top to bottom (moisture / RH is different in "layers" going vertically).

    But for a big tall display cabinet, good air circulation is super important, I'd say an 8-10.  If you open the doors a lot, if the seals on the doors aren't the greatest, if it's a tall cabinet, etc.  All reasons why your moisture / RH can vary wildly from top to bottom.  A really good fan / circulation system helps with better RH recovery, and helps to keep things consistent from top to bottom.

    My thoughts, anywho.

  6. 4 hours ago, HuffnPuffff said:

    RyJ Churchills in the old silver tubes do it for me - I like that extra cedar and woof when I take one out to smoke. And I think we all agree the old silver tubes were 5*.
    I’m now at the stage that I buy PSP churchies from El Presi and decant the dress box into old silver RyJ Churchi tubes that I saved, turn on the radio and sit back and wait 7 years and not worry too much about it all.

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    3 minutes ago, Colt45 said:

    Never much cared for them......


    RyJ Tubes.jpg


    Oh yeah, baby.  Ummm hmmmm, that's right.  Who's been a bad boy?  Uh huh.

    Wait, what??

    Yup, I like them too.  Have one from 94 I think it was that was given to me by Andy a while back, and been meaning to smoke it - was gonna bring it on this trip, and forgot.

    Simplicity and tradition with those.  Just such a long-time standard-bearer.

  7. Okay Fuzz, I have something for you.

    I see you spreading the "dead threads" memes around on some of these.  You hit me with one (though it was a thoughtful follow-up, I thought, and actually relevant to wake that thread up!!!), LOL.

    But what gives?  As I'm getting caught up here, I'm seeing TONS of 3-, 4-, 7-year-old threads being woken up and posted to, by some random new member, usually with only 1 or 2 posts, brand new to the forum.  

    Are these bots?  It seems to be all over the place on the forum here, NOTHING like when I was last on.

  8. On 2/26/2020 at 9:50 PM, benfica_77 said:

    Small font but worth a check...can anyone confirm this list??



    LGC Belux, "Medaille d'Or Especial", a Laguito No 2, 38x152....HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ramon Allones Italia, Noella format....hmmm, interesting, a definite maybe.

    Mexico doing another unique cigar shape with the will sell well due to the U.S., but kinda meh.

    QdO I love, but a half corona?  Meh.

    A PCC Cuaba "tacos", LOL, hey, if anyone can do it and do it well, it's PCC, lol, and I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for some wicked presentation (as Piggy would say, "building a better box").

    Most of those are 50-rg plus.  Meh.

    I actually CAN'T WAIT to see those LGC Belux Medaille d'or Especial.  I really think those are a bit of a shock to see, but I'm super pumped to see that also.  If the execution is there, those are such a sweet surprise.



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  9. Yeah.  Just keep it simple - Cigar Caddy (or equivalent), with a small Boveda pack, and simple cedar sheet insert or two from inside of a SLB or so.

    Honestly, the cedar is more for long-term aging benefit in your main humidors / coolerdors (think 3+ years to notice a difference).  And as for moisture benefit, those mini Boveda packs are probably at least a 10-to-1 benefit (just a guestimate / IMO) compared to the moisture in a cedar sheet.


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  10. I have a mix of active and passive in my display cabinet.  Large Boveda packs at 62%, and then RH Beads at 65% (dried out a bit extra hard in the oven at set-up, so they actually are a little lower RH than that) for the passive constant, and then a Cigar Oasis Plus (with the green foam removed from the reservoir, and using the hydroabsorbent polymer crystals instead, which give off at about 68-70%) which kicks in for active when needed, set at 64% (the accuracy is a bit fuzzy).

    But these things together help me hold everything at around 62-64% RH.  

    You should expect that summertime humidity spikes though, especially if you have active cooling too (condensation).

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