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  1. Mag 50. Maybe not under the radar but often overlooked.
  2. My past few months of bulking went a little too well unfortunately. Scale does not have kg. 112.6kg
  3. If we are allowed to enter again, I'm in. I came up short of my goal weight and have bulked up a bit since the end of the last competition. Great gesture once again.
  4. Great job everyone. Especially to the winner Full bodied who lost almost a quarter of his starting weight. You now need a name change to three quarters bodied. Unreal! Special thank you to El Presidente for lighting the fire to get me started.
  5. Wow! Phenomenal job with the weight loss but you have to lose the sandals. Lol.
  6. Wow! There are some impressive weight losses here. Good job guys. Finished at 107.5 KG. Now I see why fat guys should not wear stripes.
  7. That's a good question. I have been plugging along and feeling great.

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