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  1. Can't believe Gotham hasn't been mentioned yet....really enjoying the first series!
  2. I'm lucky enough to have tried everything but the Boli Lonsdale so that would have to be my choice!
  3. That's pretty cool. Agree about his fingernails Piggy, maybe he's a guitarist
  4. Belated happy birthday Greg, you're in good company with a January birthday!
  5. I know someone who sustained injuries from one of these...apparently the key is NOT to insert any bodily part at the top that cannot withstand high force winds flapping it about but rather to attack from the sides!
  6. Mus, this is an amazingly generous thing to do.....I'll certainly buy you a nice malt whiskey when you're here in Dublin!
  7. - We're loved by all (a perk of never having invaded anyone else's lands)- We're funny! - We make the best whiskey in the world - We're the only country who get a day off to party on St Patrick's day (while other countries have to fit a whole days drinking into after work) Along with many others.... Having said that we pay **** loads of personal taxes, have pretty bad weather and pay over the odds for most things thanks to taxes and duties :-(
  8. Proposed to my girlfriend in the early hours of this morning and she said yes! Getting engaged has some perks (apart from obviously a beautiful woman agreeing to marry me). I got 2 bands and she only got 1 (although hers could have bought a lot of cigars). Had a great chat with my future father in law while we each smoked one of these 2007 beauties!
  9. Well done to Mrsgucia and all who took part, great effort put in by us all.....just goes to show that cigars are calorie & carb free Thanks Rob for running this again and giving us all added motivation!
  10. So is that the famous girl Ken met in Monaco/Riviera? Having seen her in the other woman, I am very impressed with her attributes!
  11. It was his destiny Lisa.....I mean we've all known he was a pirate at heart!!!
  12. There's a pizzeria just down the road from the Nacional where they wouldn't let us in if we were smoking. There's also 2 tables in the lobby of the Parque Central behind the staircase that are the non smoking area (this may have expanded since I was there last year). Apart from that I'm trying hard to think where....oh yeah they had s no smoking sign in the quality control office of El Laguito....not that any notice was paid to it!
  13. Until they officially end the embargo that is still the case. American citizens are technically forbidden to buy North Korean or Cuban produce anywhere in the world!
  14. The only CCs that can be legally brought into the US or smoked inside the US are the ones that come back from Cuba as someone's $100 allowance (and this only applies to authorised trips with a US government license).It's still illegal for anyone to bring CCs into the USA (whether they're a US citizen or not) and for US citizens to smoke CCs outside of the US. For non US citizens, it's a case of "when in Rome" (the legislation applies to non citizens living in the US and non citizens visiting the US).
  15. Won't change a thing on CCs coming in by post, the $100 is a personal allowance for those returning from Cuba on an approved visa. A US citizen who visits ireland for example still cannot bring back any cuban cigars legally (this is because of the embargo and won't be addressed until it goes before the senate and the law is changed). $100 in Cuba means a 10 box of something nice or maybe 20-25 customs so even if the number of people travelling on OFAC licences increases you won't see any Cubans at your local B&M store. The relaxation of the ban of using US issued debit and credit cards in Cuba may mean that a lot more folks go in via Mexico/Canada/Caribbean but some of these folks will probably buy their glass top Fauxhibas as they've done before!
  16. Here's my final weigh in - 96.7kg Up 0.6kg since end of November but I've finally broken 20% body fat which is great considering I was over 30% when we started. Delighted to be back at a jeans size I last saw about 10 years ago :-)
  17. There's talk that Castro might even announce that Mus will be admitted to the country the next time he turns up in Havana
  18. Rob had a box in the Christmas clearance thread (sold) and he said that he'd only had 3 but it was going to be his Christmas cigar, so that sounds promising!
  19. Weight loss is slowing down a bit as I seem to be putting on muscle.....96.1kg (still dropping BF% though so happy with that)!
  20. Not making the Havana marathon and the ensuing madness Alistair as I lost my job in July. Unemployment it would seem is conducive to weight loss though so that's an upside (downside being I have bought a cigar from Rob since about June and can risk looking at the [email protected] posts until I get a new job)! Hopefully I can keep it going now (they're predicting a very cold snowy winter here in Ireland which we don't notmally get so that would definitely put a stop to the running/walking/crawling)!
  21. 75%, but i blame Habanos and their crusade towards Reynaldo sized monstrosities while phasing out smaller ring gauge vitolas! I do love my robustos, Mag 50s, Pyramids though!

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