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  1. as a suspect transaction. I've been blacklisted by ******** it would seem. Ordered some Partagas LCDH Salamones at the start of June which never arrived. I waited 21 working days and then they asked me to wait another week for good measure. I rang the postal sorting office to see if they had any packages waiting for me and even rang then customs to see if they were "holding" anything for me but seems the cigars just disappeared (i.e. someone has nicked them in the post most likely). Anyway eventually they said that they must be lost and said they could re-ship another box to me. Then today I got an email from their customer services to say that my order was cancelled and they would refund my CC. The kicker though was that they've told me they won't ship to me anymore as "Our statistics have shown that once one order is lost this tends to happen again". I'm a but stunned as I've bought from them 3 or 4 times before and never had any problems. Obviously buying from the Czar is my first choice but as I'm in Ireland and the shipping tends to take a while and ********** were the only site I could find the LCDH Partagas Salamones on I had to stray Let this be a lesson I suppose, don't buy from anyone from the Czar........I just hope my money is still good here !!
  2. That's me with Harry in the first picture, I think Ian slipped away before the cameras came out. Great to meet you Smithy, sorry about the weather but at least it kept the beer cold
  3. As my incredibly original username suggest, I'm Dara and I'm from Dublin Ireland. I got interested in cigars about 8 years ago and have been a regular at the cigars.ie monthly herfs for the past year where I've learnt loads and enjoyed so many good smokes in good company. I also love rugby but seeing as there's a few Aussies on here I'll say nothing about yesterday ! My favourite smokes would have to include last years R&J Duke LE, Monte no 2's and Monte petit & normal Edmundos along with the Partagas D4 (is ther anyone who doesn't like the D4?) and the Por Larranga Belicoso RE which I got 2 of from Cigar Czar at Christmas. I'm looking forward to trying the Grand Edmundo to compare it to a normal and a petit edmundo and see how the 3 compare. Happy Smoking Guys !

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