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    5Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, Firearms #2A; also Habanos, Whiskey, Rum, College Football, Independent-craft Beer, and Pugs.

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  1. Possibly my second to last or last cigar of 2020, so make it good. Cohiba Esplendido MUO MAY 14, these are so good with age. Gorgeous day too. Happy New Year all! Not sure I'll make it up til midnight. Enjoying the final cigar of 2020, a Cohiba Talisman EL 2017 UAO AGO 17 with some Veuve Cliquot by the fire. Cheers!
  2. Gorgeous day. Plenty of time to smoke one of these gorgeous Hoyo DCs.
  3. Tonight, some Oban Little Bay. Solid for a NAS Scotch.
  4. A delicious RyJ Capuletos EL 2016 today. These are coming along nicely.
  5. HdM Rio Seco TPO NOV 18, gingerbread and chocolate in spades.
  6. Finally something after being quite busy for a while.
  7. Something really nice this evening. Celebrating being down 26lbs when I got on the scale this morning. About 20 more to go, lol!
  8. Big thanks to @lovethehaze for the help scoring these!

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