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  1. I travel a lot and this is just the thing that would tell me how my cigars are doing when I'm away !! Awesome !
  2. I've played bass guitar for many years and my name "jazzbass" here in this forum has nothing to do with the style of music I play, its only the name of the Fender bass I own. Never been to Australia but if you listen to country music on the radio in Australia, you've heard me play. I've had the good fortune to have been invited to record with "Jetty Road" and I played bass in the studio here in Vancouver, Canada where they recorded an album that has a few number one hits on Australian radio. I'm so proud of them and all of their success. Now CIGARS !!! There's an obsession that has cost me Waaaay more than all musical instruments I've ever purchased.. I plan on keeping it that way too!!
  3. I've had 2 '99 VR Classicos in the last few months and they were superb. A wonderful woody dark chocolate with smooth coffee notes. Pretty much a perfect cigar. Well worth the wait.
  4. If I was born in 1912, I'd be one hundred today.. If I was born back then and started smoking cigars when I was 20 or so, lets see, that would be in 1932.. I would have been able to tell you much about the evolution of the Cuban cigar scene with taste descriptions from cigars like La Flor de cano, which started it's run in that year. I'd have memories of how the different sizes of cigars would come into fashion and then fade away. I'd have smoked cigars up to the Revolution and to present day. The thousands of stogies with brands that we recognize and many that are discontinued would have left a very rich and abundant cache of cigar memories that would be so great to share with others. Well... Thats not me! If any of you fit this description and are kinda handy with a keypad, would you please share a word or two. Thanks.
  5. Pride and joy have to be some of the Cohibas I still have.. Sublime '04.. Some Piramides from '06... Still have 9 Lusitanias from a box from STA '09.. One of the prettiest sights I've ever seen was the oily sheen on the perfectly lined up cigars when I opened this particular box.. They were complex and full of rich flavours even when young but a few years down the road in the humidor has been quite rewarding. What will 3 more years do? I hope I have the willpower to find out. It seems the longer you keep your special cigars, the more intimate a relationship you have with them, so pride is easily felt whenever you open the lid of the humidor... Maybe we're all crazy.
  6. My money would be on the Bolivars. I had a few B2's and after a year in the humidor, they were stellar. I like the RA EL's, nothing wrong with them at all but there's just something about Bolivar that I love.
  7. I've found the Behike 52 to be an elegant cigar, gentle on the palate but full flavored. The medio tiempo leaf DOES contribute something different to the flavor profile, this I noticed when I lit my first 52. Now and then I believe that I deserve an expensive cigar because I work hard for every dollar I earn and there is nothing wrong with rewarding ourselves so the price is somewhat meaningless to me. I love the taste, pure and simple.
  8. Tell someone you love them today, because life is short. But shout it at them in German, because life is also terrifying and confusing.
  9. To NOT include Jesse Owens in the list is sinful. To show Hitler and the rest of the world that a black athlete can embarrass the Nazi theory that the Aryan race is superior in every way, was an accomplishment that will stand in the history books for generations to come.
  10. Hmmmmm, plain packaging.. Does this mean that Cuban cigars will now be cheaper?? HA !
  11. If someone is asking me what one of those things are, then I have to start hanging out with older people.
  12. Since we're on the topic of acronyms, the British press is always using shortened and cute versions of famous people's names.. Why?? Beats me ! Paul McCartney...... Macca Madonna...... Madge Michael Shumacher........ Shumi Why do they do it?? I can't keep up and I need to keep cigar acronyms and people's names in order........ Its so confusing
  13. Top clip is the perfect song to hear first thing in the morning.. Thanks !
  14. If I have a cigar that I think tastes great, I sometimes check the vids out to see if the guys are on the same page.. Sometimes I agree with them sometimes not. There have been wonderful cigars in my humidor I reach for and love but then find out that the "Lads" hate them..... What does that mean?? I'm wrong ???? What a shame...... I hate being wrong....................
  15. The Monte 4 is a cigar that I've struggled with through the years. I find them to be very very strong and not worth the effort. I've tried to like them but to no avail.
  16. I loved the half-corona. The price was right for such a small cigar andI felt that the quality of the tobacco was great. Reminded me of a M 46 to some degree and as I smoked it I constantly reminded myself that this was a very young cigar.. 2 years in the humidor and we'll have a winner on our hands!
  17. 6 months in your own humidor is always a good place to start. I find that if you can wait patiently for 6 months, then you can probably wait another 6 if you feel they need more time.
  18. Another fantastic early in the day cigar. Not usually known for it's complexity but very satisfying. Thanks for the review.
  19. A few years ago I was introduced to this cigar and smoke them regularly now. I have a few friends who love them are really devoted to them.. Easy to see why, and a great early in the day cigar.

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