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  1. Munts, on 25 July 2013 - 05:33 PM, said: football would be better if they made it have a lot more points scored in a game, made it full contact, added a few extra players.. and changed the ball shape to...something like oval. Plus, add paintball to the mix. Now THAT would be a sport to Watch!!!!
  2. One of the best cigars I've smoked two years ago was a Siglo V Tubos. It was NOT aged, only a few months old in my humidor but blew me away. I've had stellar Esplendidos and a few that were not quite what I was hoping but I still enjoyed every moment smoking them. I believe that the Piramides Extras are a wonderful addition to the marca. The Behike line is a special occasion cigar for me. I like them but have difficulty paying that much for a cigar, but will still do it for a special occasion. Worth the hype??? A real difficult question to answer for everyone involved..
  3. Smoked many and have to say that the Magnum 48 is one of my all time favorite cigars. Incredible flavor and fine construction, never a problem.
  4. Wonderful information and details many of us were unaware of. Thanks a lot..
  5. My favorite drink with cigars in the summer is definitely sweetened iced coffee preferably with caramel syrup, cream and sugar. Something about coffee and cigars be it hot coffee or iced coffee I have to agree with NYCgarman about having a coffee with a cigar. I mix hot chocolate with a coffee ( lots of cream) and always consider that to be an excellent pairing. That being said, Booker's Bourbon has recently been a favorite with any cigar.
  6. Pet Sounds?? Monumental for many reasons. The guys ( and one gal ) in the studio sit down and are handed charts. After hearing take one, you realize that all of this came out of one very smart guy's head. This wasn't an album that morphed into shape because a bunch of guys were jamming and songs took a workable form, it was created from Brian Wilson's vision. He heard the songs in his head, wrote it all out on paper and then assembled the right musicians to play it.
  7. I'd still take a wind tunnel over a plugged cigar any day !
  8. Smoked a SLR Double Corona ( '00 ) yesterday in the car. 13 yrs old and tasted very smooth. A great Cuban brand.
  9. I've fished for years in a float tube and even had a few salmon on when I was crazy enough to float tube down a river but WOW, Never caught anything that big.... I wonder how long the fish towed him around ( the part we DON'T see ) before it got tired.
  10. Sent a friend to a LCDH when he was in Mexico last year and he paid $40 apiece. A fine cigar!
  11. Found a great tool at a Calgary cigar shop. About a 5 inch long hollow tube sharpened at one end. Twisting and slowly inserting into the foot and then continuing into the cigar until the tube is approx 2 1/2 inches deep. Removing tube and small amounts of cigar's tobacco always clears up any problems I've had with draw issues. I wish I would have found one of these years ago. Always sad to have to follow this procedure with a cigar of Cohiba's stature but hey, Cuban cigars are still a handmade product with the odd construction problem.
  12. Monte 4's... I don't know why but they sure seem to be sinus burners ... I've never enjoyed one... Love almost every other Monte.. Weird !
  13. Any John Waters Movie.. Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble etc. A boy and His Dog..... Lots of surreal scenes... Eraser Head... Yeah!!!!
  14. Had no problems with the one I smoked this afternoon. In fact, I kept thinking that the burn was even and construction near perfect. Wow, what a great tasting cigar, even when young. Can't wait to see what even as little as a few months of age will do. Could become legendary!
  15. I know that these people are reading from a script and tell that them that they aren't doing a good enough job to get me excited. I tell them that if they are very good at getting me excited, then they'll probabIy be able to get me to do whatever they want. I then tell them to re-read their pitch and use their voice like an actor to make me more excited. Sadly their pitches are usually flawed at some point and I can focus on telling them that they need help in different areas. After about the fifth time they read their pitch, they know full well that I am the one in charge and there is no way that I'm going to do what they want. Plus...... Always have a room in the house where you can smoke a cigar. There has to be ONE room that you can re-paint from time to time. Painting is pretty easy.
  16. I'd probably try to find a few "Monsdales". Never smoked one and would love to hear from anyone what their profile is about.
  17. A few years back I was lucky enough to meet someone online selling Edmundos from 2006 at a great price. These have been some of the best Cuban cigars I've ever smoked, perfect construction and a real rollercoaster of ever evolving flavors. I can't imagine how many rollers produce these great cigars but I'm sure that from time to time a few are constructed with less than perfect characteristics. Its the chance we take when we buy hand made products, I am often disappointed with Cuban cigar products but will continue buying and smoking them until they are no longer available.
  18. I love the Marca and think that the PC's are fine. The Panetelas are fantastic and smoke them often. I went into a B&M in Vancouver the other day and saw a recently opened box of Montecarlos dated '05. Tried one and thought it was great. I'm going back for more!!!
  19. I'll be 60 next year and I think this is some of the most exciting stuff I've heard in a long time!
  20. I was trying to find an old picture with a few pieces of dark red plastic I found once in a fake but, oh well, I might re-locate it some day. I write for the Vancouver Cigar Company and cut up a Romeo one day with my camera in hand. http://www.vancouvercigar.com/the-dissection-of-a-fake-cigar/
  21. Although I live in Vancouver ( the western halifax ) I've been to Smoke On The Water and I believe that he's still open. Although NS is quite against smoking indoors you might get away with it there, I think it depends on the day.... Have a good one!
  22. Something tells me that they aren't going to go away. I feel bad for the small business owner trying to make a go of it but big big $$$ rules the day in a capitalistic world. The best thing we can do is not give them our business but we are the privileged few. Think we're not? We spend $25 to $65 for a SMOKE !!! So many now NEED to shop at Walmart because they simply don't have the capital required to make that type of choice. When a flat screen is $200 less at a big box store, who of us will dig our heels in and drive over to "Uncle Dan's" on the corner. A lot of us will... But... We are NOT the majority.

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