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  1. I remembered this thread and searched for "jig". A pretty cool device IMO.
  2. The answer lies in the archives:
  3. Enjoying an HUHC on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
  4. When I was there last month they had singles at the LCDH but they were stupid expensive.
  5. Enjoying a Jun '99 SP Molinos on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
  6. It's a very beautiful evening and I'm enjoying the longest skinny I own: an SCO Oct '01 Vegueros Especiales No1.
  7. Thoroughly enjoying a BAM Jun '12 RASS on a very pleasant Sunday afternoon.
  8. Enjoying PL Picadores on a beautiful spring day
  9. The condo we rented on vacation a couple weeks back had a few books scattered about. I was happily surprised to see "A Long Way Home" by Saroo Brierley on the shelf. I read it over three or four days. What an amazing story.
  10. Enjoying an '09 Trini Reyes on a warm and breezy afternoon.
  11. It's an hour before sunrise and the temp is 66°F / 19°C. I'm enjoying a Party Habaneros with my morning coffee.
  12. Enjoying an RSE Abr '03 RG Panetela on a beautiful spring afternoon.
  13. It's an hour before sunrise on getaway day. I'm enjoying a KDT with coffee before the hectic day of travel begins.
  14. Sorry to hear all these stories of confiscations. Like @mrwhitt I've taken torch lighters on multiple flights over the years and never had one taken. Then again, it's usually been a $4 HongJing lighter that can easily be replaced at my destination. I try to give the TSA a break -- low wages, varied degrees of training, and dealing with stressed out travelers their whole shift. I would take a TSA job if my only other option were being unemployed and living in a van down by the river. Remember when air travel was an enjoyable, pampered experience?
  15. Enjoying an MUA Sep '09 Boli Gold Medal with a cerveza by the pool. What a beautiful cigar. Thankfully I still have 1 1/2 boxes of BGMs left.
  16. Woke up pretty early so I decided to grab a longer smoke with my morning coffee -- a '99 SP Molinos. Still waiting on the sun.
  17. Enjoying an '01 Vegueros Especiales No 1 about 30 minutes before dawn. The birds aren't even awake yet.

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