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  1. I've got a few tins of the MX2, Brazilia, and Italia minis resting in my humidor. Since I don't have a lot of "me" time these days the CAO minis never fail to satisfy when I've got less than an hour for a smoke. And I shamelessly admit to enjoying an Eileen's Dream or Moontrance on the odd occasion. And how did CAO come to be headquartered in Nashville???
  2. Thanks sepp! I live in Longmont (Strongmont, Wrongmont, Methmont, Longtucky, etc.).
  3. Yeah, I figure the prices will be steep since it is a tourist destination. I just want to make sure they're legit so I'm stuck with the LCDH for now. And yes, I am planning on bringing down a few of my own cigars. I'm sure the LCDH is gonna stick it to me!
  4. I'll be heading to Playa del Carmen. This will be my fourth trip to the Rivera Maya. I've also vacationed once in Puerto Vallarta.
  5. Hi Everyone. I'm here to gain a better understanding and appreciation for Cuban cigars. I've been smoking cigars for a few years now but have yet to have a Cuban because, well, they're illegal here. I'm heading to Mexico in a few months where there's an LCDH and I want do some research before making a purchase. Or I might just buy Cubans from the souvenir shop hawkers <wink>. Along with gaining a better education on Cubans I also hope to increase my international slang vocabulary in order to impress my friends and family. From this site I've already discovered great phrases like "Tossers" and "Wankers" and "whinging pain in the arse". So I'm going to browse around a bit and maybe ask a stupid question or two. But I promise not to be a whinging pain in the arse, unless I really don't understand what that means. It's not yet 9:00am here in Colorado. I've got to go get some coffee now because I'm knackered. -Leroy

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