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  1. Great album, 7/10 because I'm not really into 80s pop. But this version of 'In Your Eyes' is phenomenal (hopefully it's not blocked in your country):
  2. My son uses my wife's '96 GT Karakoram as his daily commuter. He wanted me to remove the sweet bar ends but I had to veto that request. It's a little small for him hence the ridiculously high seat tube. Steel is real. My mountain bike looks suspiciously like @Islandboy 's bike, though Colorado's got slightly taller mountains than Maui.
  3. For those of you who subscribe to this you typically do so for nonstop flights only? My worst flying nightmare was flying home from China in 2019. 37 hours in four legs where the first leg was delayed by five hours causing a domino effect on the remaining legs. I couldn't imagine trying to keep a buzz for a marathon like that.
  4. Tremors is a classic. There are five or six more that I've only been bits and pieces of - enough to know they should have never been made. I love the first three Die Hard movies but the series should have stopped there. I really enjoyed The Matrix but not the 2nd and 3rd installments. I am looking forward to the new one. Can we mention remakes? Papillon is one of my all-time favorite movies. I cannot bring myself to watch the 2017 remake. Why did someone think it needed to be remade??
  5. I'm unclear on the point you're trying to make. I believe what you posted to be factual (except for the "How to Celebrate Juneteenth" bit). What knowledge are we supposed to learn from this post?
  6. We had a trip booked to Mexico last year in March which of course was cancelled. Once we had appointments to get vaccinated we planned a trip to Hawaii for June. My daughter (16), wife, and me have all had both Pfizer jabs. We've just have to keep our son (13) away from his friends for another month because Hawaii requires a negative COVID test 72 hours before arrival. Fingers crossed.
  7. Bat out of Hell is one of my favorite albums -- and was part of the soundtrack of my teenage years. As for the title track, years later I found out it wasn't a motorcycle but Todd Rundgren on the guitar. Amazing. As for Jim Steinman, what a great songwriter. RIP
  8. Yep. Bogie using a Ronson Touch Tip in The Maltese Falcon.
  9. Colorado has 53 mountains above 14,000 feet known as the '14ers'. One of these, Mount Evans, is paved all the way to the top. This year the road is closed to vehicles so I decided to ride my bike to the top -- along with a few hundred other cyclists. I started at Echo Lake, elevation 10,600 feet. Here's a view of Echo Lake further up the road, above treeline: I saw lots of widlife on the ride. Here's a marmot keeping tabs on me This is Summit Lake, which is a damn lie. The summit is 5 more miles up the road. I saw tons of mountain goats A few bighorn sheep At the top, elevation 14,265 feet
  10. I went on a bike ride in Rocky Mountain National Park this morning. Old Fall River road is closed to vehicles and open to bikes and hikers for a couple of months, weather permitting. It's a nine-mile dirt road with about 3300 feet / 1km elevation gain. It was a beautiful, sunny morning with the temp at 34 °F / 1 °C when I started at 8:00am. Sadly, outside of birds and chipmunks, this was the only wildlife I saw on the drive to the parking lot. The buildings on the left are my destination. I'm at about five miles up I think. I'm almost above treeline here. It's good there's not much snow on the road. I'm above treeline here at around mile 8. I'm finally at the top. Trail Ridge road, the main road over the mountains, is closed today and so is the visitor center. It's been getting cloudier and started to snow a little. The view as you leave the visitor center to continue on Trail Ridge. I'll be heading back down the way I came though on Fall River road. Obligatory selfie to prove I was here.
  11. I've flown twice internationally out of LAX. We're heading to China in June and my one request to my wife, who made the travel plans, was 'avoid LAX no matter the cost'. How is this possible? It's named after one of Rush's best jams!
  12. I only smoke outside. Often I go without smoking during the harsher winter months, November thru February.
  13. I seem to recall you also have an HD3, right? Here's what we do in Colorado when the trails get a little snowy.
  14. If the weather's warm enough I'll enjoy a cigar outside with my morning coffee.
  15. Thoroughly enjoying an after-dinner R&J Mille Fleurs on a pleasant Tuesday evening.
  16. Enjoying a Q d'O Corona on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  17. Enjoying a wonder '99 VR Clasico on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
  18. Starting off the weekend with a '12 RASS and a raspberry watermelon water, which tastes like neither.
  19. Enjoying an '03 RG Panetela on a pleasant evening.
  20. Enjoying a '10 R&J Mille Fleurs on a beautiful Monday evening.
  21. Enjoying an 08 BCJ on a beautiful Friday evening.
  22. Enjoying an 09 Q d'O Corona on an overcast and pleasant evening.

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