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  1. This has been every bit as good as that Deer Hunting thread...
  2. A lovely 12 HdM du Gourmet as I enjoy the 75 degree San Diego weather...
  3. Arrived back in SD last night. Will try this 2013 Bolivar Presidente RE Suiza this afternoon...
  4. A quick ERDM Demi Tasse and Pilsner Urquell before dinner. Unbelievably warm weather in Zürich for this time of year. Great for smoking!
  5. Found this nice 07 Punch Corona. Love this size Marcas...delicious!
  6. Just realized I put my Daily Smoke post in the wrong topic. Must have been that oversized Paulaner! Btw, Great pickups on this thread
  7. A nice JL 2 w a nice Paulaner Weissbier in chilly München. As advised by Perla and others, no German RE's to be found here.
  8. Just arrived Zürich and grabbed a quick MUR Sept 12 RASCC. Always consistent.
  9. Right on Lotus. I will be in Munich on Weds. so I hope your arrival day is accurate. I to look forward to trying this one and will definitely pick up a Box of 10 to give them a try.
  10. Perla has it nailed... I also agree with Lotus regarding the LGC as not being your typical LGC blend. I would add the 08 JL Maximos to the list which are smoking very well. These, along with the PL Val, have been my 2 personal favorite Suiza RE's
  11. Yes please do send me a PM when/if they come in. An RG blend in that type of format should be delightful... I will do a search and check out your review on the VR PU. Rauchen gut!
  12. Perla, Looking forward to that RG PP as well. Love anything RG...any word on release? BTW, have you tried your neighbors Petite Unicos from last year? Great smoke especially as it brings back great memories for me from having one here. Still widely available in Zurich and Luzern...
  13. SUA Jul 00 Punch RS 12 Getting down to my last few of these. Great smoke for a sunny Friday afternoon.
  14. RJ Cazadores...leather, tobacco, earth, full bodied
  15. Looks great Dan! Will definitely be following...Viel Glück!
  16. 80 degrees here for Christmas in San Diego... 09 Partagas Salamones paired w a Hoegaarden before Dinner.
  17. Let the Christmas Cigars begin! Merry Christmas to all FOH Jun 09 ERDM PC...another Gem that unfortunately has been discontinued by HSA
  18. 05 Punch DC paired w 2012 LE Schneider Weisse Tap X Mein Nelson Sauvin. Both are spectacular!
  19. Love the Macallan on the Dinner table to go along with the Salad and Shrimp Scampi! Nothing like first Day of White Tail Season in Pa... Have a great night Gents! BTW congrats Peacock on your sons first Buck. I am sure that you are a proud Papa!

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