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  1. As Dan mentioned for Zurich, the LCDH on Bliecherweg is the best in town. The other shop he mentioned is a Davidoff shop next to the HB. There is also another Davidoff shop inside the HB (in the underground RailCity) that usually has some Vintage singles to try. The best Cigar Lounge in the City is Aura, also on Bliecherweg, a short walk from the LCDH.
  2. SUA Jul 00 Punch RS #12 The burn has been a bit wonky, but nice med flavors thus far.
  3. Thank you Nino! Kreuzlingen it will be... My schedule might permit me to be there the dates you referenced. Sounds like a great time! I will send you a PM once I know.
  4. Thanks for posting Nino! Great Pics I plan on finally going over to see Herr Portmann later on this Month. Do you recommend visiting the store in Kreuzlingen or in St. Gallen?
  5. RG Perla from 2012 5x5 Had to see how these are doing after reading the recent thread... Put me in the "I am a Fan" category. Great short smoke for the money w leather, earth, a bit of spice. Works for me!
  6. 06 Cohiba P EL Very disappointing. Flavorless for 90 minutes. Would have pitched it, but was hoping it would open. Everything other than the lack of flavor was spot on. Sick period or these are gone?
  7. Guest Book here...
  8. I found this from the Philly paper...
  9. Another great Box of Bolivar CJ MUR May 2013 MUR Ago 2013 LGC MdO #4
  10. Wow...what a shock. Always enjoyed his posts and insight on multiple forums. RIP Bassman.
  11. Love them...I went deep on them at there original release in 2008. I smoked one with a Mate about a Month ago and they are coming along quite nice. Med/Full profile, leather, tobacco, a bit of spice. If you are getting them at a reasonable price (currently available for 16chf in Schweiz), go for it!
  12. Was quite impressed with the one sample I have tried. Rich, flavorful, complex...Plan on picking up a couple of Boxes on my next trip over later this Month.
  13. Picked up this 07 Punch Corona single from a B&M on my last trip to Schweiz. Delicious!
  14. OT...a good way to start your Saturday Ken! Turn up the Volume! Btw Messi surely is inside Top 50 based on his dominance over the past 10 years. Almost at a Goal a game average over that time frame for Barca
  15. A nice Box of MUS Nov 12 HdM du Gourmet arrived today from the Czar. They look and smell marvelous!
  16. Love the du Gourmet. Very underrated cigar...what is the Box Code on your particular Box?
  17. Bart...what are your thoughts? Love RG, but have not gotten around to picking up this RE.
  18. A marvelous Jul 11 Monte Esp 2 from a Czar PSP Box. One of my favorite Marcas from HSA.

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