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  1. Right on! I am taking my Son with me this Trip and he gets to see his favorite BM Player Bastian Schweinsteiger Live on the Pitch!!
  2. 08 JL Maximos Suiza RE 1st one in about 1 year. A bit muted but still nice
  3. Going to the US vs. Germany Men's friendly Match next Weds. in Cologne! Love following all the great Euro Leagues. I believe more and more Americans are beginning to do so as well as the Sport is getting more exposure from Fox Sports and ESPN.
  4. EVERY regular production Robusto and Corona Gorda sized Cigar in Zurich sells between 13chf to 16chf. Name one and thats where the price will fall. The PL Pic sells at 10chf which gives me great QPR for a wonderful smoking cigar. At 15chf I prefer to reach for the RA Perfecto RE that are smoking wonderfully. Why the pricing falls this way in the Swiss market, I do not know, but I always look for the value in Singles to try that I don't already have at Home in my personal Humidor.
  5. 9 Euro in Munich, 10 Chf in Schweiz. Great value compared to other regular production Sticks of this size. I have been smoking a lot of the Pics, as well as the other new release D6. Both are packed with flavor and smoking wonderful young!
  6. I agree with all of the sentiments on the the D6. They are packed full of flavor and are enjoyable. I was concerned about price/size/smoke time, but I partook of one last night out on my deck and got 45 minutes from it. Selling for a bit under 8 Euro. Recommend them as an addition to your short smoke portfolio.
  7. SNB was forced to move as they could no longer maintain the 1.20 peg with ECB QE coming down the pike. SNB Balance Sheet has been swelling these past 3 years as they have been printing Francs to buy Euros during this intervention to weaken the Franc. Would soon surpass 100% of GDP if they didn't pull the Peg. Easy to abandon and take the short term hit versus taking the longer term risk of jeopardizing the Nation with this Fiscal Policy. Negative interests rates are to dissuade foreign capital from continuing to come into the Swiss Banks. Not gonna happen imo as Oligarch money will continue to seek safe haven at a negative interest rate versus continuing to be devalued staying in the Russian Ruble. This is happening because of the weakened Oil market and the imposed Economic sanctions. Net-Net Switzerland becomes more expensive for Outsiders. Locals see a bump in their purchasing power outside Schweiz. Maintain status quo in their everyday lives though their Stock portfolio took a hit. Swiss Companies exporting goods will be harmed trying to compete at higher prices. Inevitably it should correct back over time as things tend to overshoot in the short term.
  8. From the way you described, sounds like the Cigars were a bit moist due to the higher RH from the Tupperdore. Try dry boxing next time before you indulge. Those 2 cigars are some of the finest in the Habanos portfolio as you experience your first go round. So the movement to the Tupperdore was the obvious new variable. When cigars are "wet" they will minimize flavor and give you a dark ashen burn.
  9. Again, they are very nice. One of the better Swiss RE's that I have had and I have had the opportunity to have them all. Maybe it was the warmer weather that allowed for me to enjoy a bit more. All the things I look for in a Cigar. Great feel in the hand with proper weight, leading to a nice firm yet non restrictive draw. Medium bodied, but not void of flavor. You do not have to save this marca for an after dinner cigar. Great even burn, with loads of white smoke, very aromatic. Earthen flavors, tobacco, leather. 75 minutes of smoke time. A cigar for now, but I do believe it will continue to develop over time. Not over the top price wise when compared to other LE, RE price points. Would definitely recommend this RA for a purchase...
  10. Let's see how this one smokes Stateside on this rainy early evening here in San Diego?
  11. After closer review, I believe you are correct that it is GSO. You can see via the picture it appears that there is a bit of a smudge or something that made me think it was a Q. Thanks for the headsup!
  12. The price point on these were to good to pass. Smoked one and it was pure Partagas bliss! PGT FEB 06 Partagas Super Partagas.
  13. Stumbled across this Box GSQ MAY 07 while in St. Moritz
  14. Bought this single to try at LCDH Zürich. I asked proprietor Samuel Menzi his thoughts on the marca... "Medium bodied, not typical for a Ramon Allones". Fired this on up at the Christkindl Market inside the Zürich HB. To get in the spirit I paired it with a glass of Glouwein which is a heated, spicy, sweet, red wine beverage traditional to the Germanic regions. The marca had a nice firm tug on the draw so I was pleased that it would not be a wind tunnel. Good feel of weight in the hand. Fired it up and got pleasant flavors of wood, earth, leather, not overly complex, but not short on flavor. Samuels assessment is accurate as it is not a big cigar in strength, but I enjoyed it for the 70 minutes of smoke time. Burn was sharp, smoke was voluminous, second hand smoke was aromatic. All in all a good smoke. If I were to put a rating on it after just having 1, I would say 92 pts. I am off to St. Moritz for the weekend and plan on trying another to see if it warrants a multi box purchase.
  15. Will be in Zurich this week and will be sure to try. Will file a report with pics...
  16. Still a chance for more FOH to get into this NFL Pool as DM extended the signup deadline. Good luck with your picks!
  17. What about Mother Russia on the move? A very good snapshot of the Ukraine powder keg. Former KGB operative versus the Community Organizer. Get your popcorn ready...
  18. The US will remain in a position of global influence for many reasons. Reserve currency, Military might, economic prowess, worlds largest consumer, to name a few. Our House is unfortunately divided due to the politicians lust for their power and playing to whatever special interest that they are emboldened to. You also have the Central Bankers working behind the scenes continuing their Fiat ponzi propping up the global house of cards. This not only effects the US, but the world as a whole. With 70 trillion right now in unfunded liabilities, this poses a major problem that will inevitably have to be addressed. What will that be? IMO you will see some sort of global "reset" at some point to address the debt. A Cashless society eliminating the Dollar would force the underground economy and wealth to come out of the shadows? The New World Order is quickly coming our way. The only question is WHEN will this sort of scenario play out?
  19. While out for my morning run on the Beach here in Coronado, Ca., I ran up on this beautiful Osprey who had just bagged this large fish. I stopped and watched as he tried to figure out what to do. He attempted several times to fly off with the fish, but it was to heavy for him to fly. I returned after my run to find that he had just pulled the fish out of the surf to scarf it right there on the shoreline. Absolutely beautiful Birds!

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