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  1. Covert move deliberately done. Give them bogus tech gerry rigged into this dummy missile. Brilliant move by the Pentagon!
  2. After a Day on the Slopes and to start Christmas Eve...paired w another Feldschlösschen ![emoji1237]
  3. It is smoking fine... Reminds me of the Cohiba Magicos profile with a mix of an Upmann RR. I believe it will smooth out it's youthfulness with the benefit of some age. I bought a Box to smoke from as we head to the Matterhorn for Christmas skiing. Will see how they go...
  4. In Zürich w the Family for Christmas Holiday. My first RA EL 2015...enjoyed it. I believe they will benefit with some age.
  5. It's about time! Welcome will enjoy being a part of this special place.
  6. Picked up a couple of Singles to try on my most recent Trip. Very good quality, Mag 50esque, but with more complexity. 56 ring gauge is not my thing yet I feel they will go over well.
  7. Had a nice D6 on a beautiful Summer evening in Zürich. These, along w the PL Picadores, have become my go to Sticks while in Schweiz and Deutschland.
  8. Brought a D6 to smoke up on Gornergrat at 3089m. Beautiful day with great views of the Matterhorn....
  9. Yes it is quite the Country. Spent the day today in the Engadin Mountains at the Diavolezza Ski Peak taking in the Alps. Here is my 11 year old son with Piz Bernina at 4049m in the background. Finished the day back in St. Moritz with another wonderful Single. Jul 05 HU Mag 46. Off to Zermatt and the Matterhorn in the morning.
  10. While enjoying a morning stroll.... SGB Nov 06 RJ Regalias de Londres single. Very nice flavor.
  11. After dinner stroll around Lake St. Moritz w a QD Corona Claro....
  12. After Dinner walk on the Lake with a Hand Picked PL Pic. These just are smoking fabulous!
  13. My first Monte Media Corona...young at ABR 15 but full of flavor
  14. Rainy afternoon in Zürich...picked up a fine 09 SCdLH Oficios single paired w a Starbucks Coffee.
  15. Afternoon RASCC w the local Falken Lager up in Schaffhausen at the RheinFall.
  16. USA...USA...what a Match last night w a 2-1 win against the World Champs! Now in München having a Paulaner Weisbier w a MPE...Life is Good!
  17. In Cologne for the Germany vs US Friendly. Picked up these singles for pre-game. 12 Mag 46 & 06 Monte Tubo. Nice!
  18. First Cigar D6 after arrival in Zürich with my Son for a 2 week Holiday!

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