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  1. May 1999 Partagas Churchills de Luxe Oct 2008 Des Deiux Feb 1999 HdM du Dauphin May 2006 Partagas SdC #3
  3. After one Month of rest, decided to try the first SUA Jun 01 Punch Super Selection #1 from the 50 Cab. Brilliant!
  4. 2 nice Vintage Cabinets from a prominent BM here in CH. SUA Jun 01 Punch Super Selection #1 TEN CCLE HdM du Prince
  5. July 99 Partagas Perfecto Picked these up about 3 years ago and they are damn tasty for a machine made Cuban!
  6. Gruezi Dan...Smoked a bunch of Singles of these on my recent Holiday in Europe. Great value on this marca as it retails for about 12Euro. As you know, more recent LE & RE in the Schweiz market are twice the price and not nearly as good. Big cigar that needs to be smoked after a meal IMO. Thoroughly enjoy these as I always ask myself after I smoke one, why I haven't pulled the trigger on a few Boxes? Dark chocolate, expresso, leather, earth are the predominant flavors. Medium full, razor sharp burn, plumey white smoke, with about a 80-90 minute smoke time. Usually paired it w a Cuban Rum. Great way to end the day... I most definitely will be looking to add a few Boxes of this Limitada as I believe it will only get better as the tobacco matures. Enjoy!
  7. Real deal...doing some Summer skiing as they open up the upper runs on the Klein Matterhorn Saturday. Another beautiful morning here today...
  8. A cold Erdinger and a nice RA Superiores after a day on the Mountain...
  9. Smoked 2 Singles today as I started Holiday in Roma. Very enjoyable...
  10. Smoked 2 Singles today as I started Holiday in Roma. Very enjoyable...
  11. TUO Oct 12 HdM des Dieux From my recent Trip to Zürich...
  12. ALT Nov 12 HdM des Dieux Single...Delicious! FWIW Samuel Menzi, Proprietor of the La Casa de Habano here in Zürich, told me that the des Dieux is being discontinued. He is a former Habano Man of the Year and would appear to be in the know? It has not been formally announced so maybe there is still a chance that it will remain. He had only 2 Boxes remaining in his Inventory so I did buy 1 Box that are PSP w TUO Oct 12 Box Code. With Rob and other Members from around the World stating that the DD is not being seen, maybe there is some truth to what Samuel is saying. It will be another sad day if this turns out to be accurate!
  13. Recently purchased during my Easter Ski Holiday in St. Moritz LGC Md #1 Punch Royal Sellecion #11 ASB Feb 07 Bolivar PC ARA March 03
  14. Picked up a couple of these 00 HdM du Dauphin Singles in St. Moritz on Ski Holiday. Wish I bought the rest of the Box! Exceptional smoke, exceptional size!
  15. 1) Mag 46 - always consistent, just smoking great right now, my go to cigar 2) RASCC - favorite Minuto, flavor bomb in a small format 3) BBF - full bodied, consistent, great QPR
  16. M4, a Feldsclössen, a little Havana Club 7 year after a day on the Slopes here in Zermatt
  17. Had to smoke one ROTT... Dark chocolate, Leather, Tobacco, are prominent. Great draw, great rich flavor, throws a lot of smoke. Only issue was I had to touch it up a couple of times along the way. No big deal...90 minutes of Med/Full bliss! Best regular production cigar that I have had in a long time. Highly recommend for ones Cigar portfolio.

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