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  1. I was at my normal Monday lunch with ken naramura enjoying a PL Belicoso Extra while watching the Pats/Colts. Seriously, the Colts were never in the game. I love sport....seeing them turn such a deficit in the last Qtr was a joy to behold :daydream:

    Great game...Pats HC Belichek did not do his Team any favors.

    BTW, how is the PL Belicoso Extra coming along?

  2. AFC - Steelers, Pats or Colts

    NFC - Saints, Vikes or Eagles

    Need to run and play "D" to win big games.

    Next is injuries, Colts have some key guys out temp. or out for the season. Steelers will need Polamalu back to make a run.

    My choice: Steelers vs. Eagles

    I like that Eagles selection ;)

    I am a Season Ticket holder that flies in for all the games from San Diego.

    The Birds usually come together as the Season progresses. Looking for a big win in Prime Time vs, the Brokebacks!

  3. I own a high end restaurant and we have been seen our top line revenue cut in half. The Convention business disappeared for the most part of this year which is our main source of revenue. It is now just starting to come back as we will have our first monthly increase of the year this month. The concierge that we work with at all the major hotels are saying the bookings look strong for the 1st quarter of '10. Customers have refrained from buying the higher end wines and most are on strict budgets.

    Real estate downtown has a glut of excess inventory as the local condo market was way overbuilt. You couple this with what you have on the market via foreclosures and this is truly a buyers market. It will take awhile for this inventory to be absorbed and I do not see that happening anytime real soon.

    Job market here is soft. SD has a strong military economy so there is some stability in that area. Overall, things remain weak with subtle signs of the convention/tourism starting to turn.

  4. Smoke what you enjoy. For me I enjoy CC vs, NC. I find the complexity of Cuban leaf versus Non-Cuban to be the determining factor. I also find that aging my stock works for my flavor profile.

    I cannot finish the Oliva V's that I have finding them rather bland and harsh. They have been in my Humidor for over 2 years. I tried one recently and had to put it down half way through.

    Cigars are no different than a bottle of wine. Some people might like a particular brand/region, while others might see it another way. Grab that sampler and keep an open mind. That Monte 2 could have just been a dud. Maybe after you are through you will find that NC are best for you. Good luck!

  5. OCT 06 PTS Partagas P2

    Absolutely fabulous cigar! Smoked flawlessly for 80 minutes. This is my first one from this box in about 6 months. Getting better with time. The photo, though blurred, gives you an idea of how she fared. Rich flavors, medium, beautiful burn, beautiful white ash, rich plumes of smoke, only 2 ashes to the nub. Tour de force!


  6. Thought I would join the fray after years of being a lurker. I really have enjoyed the great dialog and information offered on this great site. The Video reviews are outstanding and have helped me with things that I might like to try.

    Per my User name, I travel to Zurich quite a bit on business and have been known to light up while strolling the Limmat. What a fabulous city and a place to enjoy many a Habanos. I am sure some of you have had the pleasure of frequenting the LCDH there and meeting Samuel Menzi. What a nice man and a great Humidor.

    I also am a collector of California fine wine. A frequent visitor to the Napa Valley. Also enjoy the great wines of the Barrosa. I look forward to contributing any way that I can.


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