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  1. Enjoy these when they have a bit of age. I also use them to give to a non-experienced CC smoker who does not know the difference between a JLP and a Cohiba Magico
  2. Enjoyed a nice Upmann Mag 48 EL with a couple Hoegaarden's after lunch. First one from the box that I have had and I was rather impressed... Have a 07 Cohiba Magicos sitting on deck, post the XMas Honey Baked Ham with Stilton Scalloped Potatoes, + asparagus. Macallan 18 or Highland Park 18 will be my chosen beverage.
  3. Relegated to just one choice it will have to cover a number of areas of smoking pleasure...I'll go with the versatile BBF.
  4. It gets a bit chilly here in San Diego this time of year...I refrain from lighting up sub 60F
  5. 07 Monte 4...delicious, great Monte flavors, consistent from this particular box, 50 minutes 07 RASS...a bit off, raspy, out of balance, need more time, little bit loose, 50 minutes 06, creamy, medium, white ash, 70 minutes of pleasure 07 BRC...dark chocolate, spice, leather, 55 minutes, very nice with great upside
  6. 1) PLPC 2) JL2 3) 08 JL Maximo RE Swiss 4) BBF 5) Cohiba Magico 6) P2 7) SCdH Oficios 8) Siglo VI 9) BPC 10) 08 Cuaba Piramide EL
  7. Love Hackett! Old Genesis is one of my favorite Classic Rock Era Bands. Here is one of Hackett's best solos from the song Firth of Fifth...
  8. Best: 06 Cohiba Piramide EL 2nd: 08 Juan Lopez Maximo RE Swiss 3rd: 06 Monte Robusto EL Worst: Oliva V Torpedo
  9. Believe it or not I never got to it. Did not set up for me with regards to the timing. Monte A is a 2 hour cigar and I decided I did not want to do such a wonderful marca the disservice of being rushed. On the other hand the 06 Monte Robusto EL was simply outstanding! Rich flavors, cocoa, cream, leather. A beautiful draw and burn throwing volumonous plumes of white smoke. A couple of my guests came out back and immediately commented about what a wonderful smelling cigar. I told them that it tastes as good as it smells! They are developing better than I imagined.
  10. 06 Monte Robusto EL pre-meal 01 Monte A post meal 07 PLPC nightcap downtown with a Macallan 25... Great T-Day to all my Yank brethren!
  11. 07 RyJ Escudos EL...just OK and a tad disappointed. Was a gifted cigar and very much looked the part. Once torched, mild flavors definitely a medium. Smoked well over the first 2/3's, but cigar started to unravel the last 1/3. Tossed into the bushes...
  12. 08 BPC...simply delicious! slowly enjoyed over 60 minutes to the nub.
  13. Traditional Thanksgiving for me here in San Diego. Having some good friends over for the day. Martinelli Russian River Valley Pinot Noir will be the wine for the day as Pinot goes well with the Turkey. Highly recommend any of the Martinelli offerings as the winemaker is Helen Turley one of the best in America. Will have a pre-meal smoke and I am planning on a 06 Montecristo Robusto EL. After the meal and Pumpkin Pie, I will take it outback for the Macallan 25 neat with an 01 Montecristo A. Being that these friends are not big cigar fans, I will offer them a NC Oliva V Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  14. Just got a Box of these based on Prez' high praise. Chocolate Brown wrappers, beautiful construction... Sleepy time for 30 days. I saw a few comments that these were "Mud Ducks" with regards to appearance. Well this Box is pristine. Will post a report after my first.
  15. Very nice 08 BPC on Saturday night...great stick packed with wonderful full Bolivar flavor 08 JL2 at the Eagle vs. SD Charger Ultimate Tailgate Party at Qualcomm Stadium. Love this cigar is one of my favorites.

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