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  1. Good luck to you Bart. Let the rebuilding of your collection begin!
  2. Those wrappers look a bit to dark...I would return.
  3. Nice job Brazo!! Great Steak, good California Cabernet, might have chosen a different beer , great Scotch, great cigar... Great presentation of a wonderful evening!
  4. Group: Members Posts: 816 Joined: 25-April 10 Gender:Male Location:The SF Valley
  5. I "hear" the loser of the cockfight turns into dinner? Something about it tastes like chicken...
  6. Laughable is all I can say... They should do a NC list sole and separate. $10 retail for that #1 Dogrocket when I can have a Partagas 8-9-8 for the same price?
  7. I have always enjoyed the BBF. A great medium/full smoke with typical Boli flavors... I am currently out and will look forward to a Cabinet or 2 being offered on the next LFTH!
  8. 08 Bolivar Legendarios Suiza RE on New Years Eve 01 Montecristo A on New Years Day
  9. Exclusively CC for me... NC cannot attain the depth of flavor of a fine CC.
  10. I am about half way thru a Box of 09 ERDM petite corona's that are simply outstanding...need to try the Choix Supreme.
  11. Enjoying an 07 Party Connie #3 while these are damn good cigars!
  12. Bought a Box of 25 with a 2001 Box Code years ago. I brake them out maybe once or twice a year for a smoke with a good friend when you can take the time that this marca warrants. As the previous reply states, it starts out rather mild, but builds throughout the various stages, while finishing full bodied. Not much depth of flavor to start, but it evolves into a wonderful nutty, cocoa, flavorful smoke as you draw down on this lengthy vitola. The last one that I smoked was at the end of Summer Labor Day here in the States. It was a 2 1/2 hour gem that left both my friend and I commenting on what a fabulous smoke this was. Yes they are pricey, but IMO well worth having a few in ones diverse portfolio of cigars.
  13. Just finished another single and these smokes are simply outstanding! Medium-Full, great roasted nut flavors, voluminous smoke, great right down to the nub. I will definitely pick up another box this coming week on my business trip to Zurich. Gents, they are well worth the wait once Prez works out his allocation!
  14. 1. Monte Especial 2 2. Party Short 3. ERDM Petite Corona 4. RA Superiores (best of 2011)
  15. Agree with the review whole heartily...I have been enjoying quite a few of these of late and they warrant the high acclaim from the Boys. Also, at 12chf per marca they are also great value compared to other EL/RE of lesser quality. Load up!
  16. Smoked 2 on my last trip to Zurich. I was a bit underwhelmed by the one dimensional taste profile. Burned kind of hot as they both seemed a bit underfilled. I will try another 2 next week on the next trip to see if they were just an odd lot.
  17. Erdinger Weisbier with my Partagas Connie #3...absolutely beautiful combination!

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