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  1. I don’t have the link but I think it was The NY Times that had a nice article a few months back on Tucson. If you can’t find it message me and I will spend some time to find it and get it to you.
  2. Isn't fishing supposed to be relaxing? Worrying about being a bit out of the crocodile strike zone wouldn't help me relax but maybe its me?
  3. El Rey Del Mundo "Abajo Bajo" 109 in the RACF blend.
  4. I usually do a front 6 a middle 6 and an end 6 cigar when I play time permitting. It is the only time I smoke NC and usually smoke something a little strong with a non brittle wrapper ideally. I smoke mostly Olivia V, Epernay and certain Fuente's mostly because I don't concentrate on the cigar that much and they are always constructed perfectly and anything with a brittle wrapper can be tough to deal with so I save my CC's for more relaxing times.
  5. Ken, Speaking as a Jets fan they could make them give up the next two years whole drafts as a penalty and divide them up between the Jets, Dolphins and the Bills and still win the division as long as B&B are there. So making them give up draft picks might not work! I would expect that the punishment will fit the crime in that his treatment will approximate a typical first offender which won't make a lot of people happy but will be in the best interest of justice.
  6. It should be interesting to see the result of this case but the strange thing to me is that by all accounts that he lives next store to a high end hotel called the Breakers. Assuming that is the case, and since money isn't an issue, he could have literally went next store to get an array of treatments presumably except one. So ultimately he went out of his way 20-30 minutes each way and could have gone to a number of places in between. To me there has to be more to the story than two stops to a place in a random shopping center that is not necessarily near his house.
  7. Going on almost 10 years here with only 66 posts so it was entirely coincidental I assure you!
  8. The Yankees never really made an offer near 10 years so it wasn't that hard a decision. Unlike the Red Sox we prefer not to buy our championships! ?
  9. Headed to the Amalfi coast for a 50th celebration in August/September and staying in Priano. If anyone has any good cigar friendly places or lounges in the area to suggest it would be appreciated.
  10. Almost 20 years ago I am in Italy in a small town with some friends and was told my absent friend was at a certain house so I knocked on the door and in my bad Italian asked if the gentleman that answered if he knew where my friend was. While my parents are from Italy my Italian went from fluency in my youth to nothing more than basic so when the extent of what I could say in Italian was done I asked the gentleman if he understood English and he did. It turns out the gentleman was originally a local visiting family but knew of my friend but didn't know where he was at the time. The interesting part is he would up living two blocks from me in New York and I never saw him before that or since.
  11. Twice in a week! PYTHON FOUND HIDING INSIDE BAYSIDE BRISBANE TOILET ?? A family from Wynnum west got a fright early this morning when they discovered a Carpet python inside their toilet. They gave us a call to have it removed so they could finish their business in peace, without the local natives watching.. www.brisbane-snake-catcher.com.au After that experience I would think that I would never be able to "finish my business in peace". https://nypost.com/2019/01/29/woman-bit-by-python-that-was-lurking-in-her-toilet/ https://nypost.com/2019/01/23/australian-family-finds-huge-python-in-toilet/
  12. Nice I do something similar but personally I would eliminate the cost line. If I stopped to actually think what I spend on cigars I might not spend so much on cigars.
  13. I got it in Mexico once our of my 15+ trips there and it was miserable. I didn't have anyone with me at the time and I will never forget it ever. I was able to get out of bed and walk in about 2 days. I looked it up afterwards and I had almost every single symptom where they said to seek medical treatment. I stayed in bed and just get on my feet in time to make the trip home with no issues. What I didn't know was that Cipro would have likely made things better much quicker. The link below is where after the fact I got some additional information. I don't know if it is correct but it might be worth a look. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2018/the-pre-travel-consultation/travelers-diarrhea
  14. FYI I knew someone who had an issue with the mail and Global Entry approval so consider yourself lucky!
  15. For me personally these can't be beat for function and price. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IMJLPM8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. At parent teacher conferences my parents used to tell the teachers in front of me that they had their permission to hit me if I got out of line. I had it easy as my grandfather used to make my father pick out which tree branch to hit him with so I have no complaints.
  17. @MoeFh congratulations on the historic season and the win! Having said that I hope that the Yankees spend some of that luxury tax money this offseason they saved by being under the cap this year! We are going to need to do it to keep pace with you guys next year! I did get to a Yankee sox game but that was the last series in NY in September and obviously it wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would have been when I bought them with the division all wrapped up. I would wish you good luck with Houston but that would be lying! ?
  18. In London solo for a night tomorrow and wondered if anyone could suggest a normal place to maybe grab a drink and a cigar. I have been to a couple of the high end places in the past and enjoy places where people are more wearing the regular guy look. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
  19. If my schedule would allow it I would be happy to meet up as well.
  20. I would recreate the original blend of the Mexican regional Edumundo Dantes 109 and name it the Montecristo Single Edmundo.
  21. Very appreciative to the Paley family as I have had more than a few nice days smoking in Paley Park while at the same time getting the evil eye from other people who think I am dong something wrong. Cigars can be funny one day at Cigar Inn I happened to sit next to someone who was friends with a dear friend who had recently passed away rather abruptly. I had never met him but remembered my friend often mentioned him and somehow we realized we both knew the same person. We had a few laughs remembering our a fellow friend.
  22. Looking forward to Rob setting up something like this for trusted members as I am not part of the trading board as I have 8 plus years here but not enough posts (but fully enjoy the forum) but I do like to sell off some stuff preferably to worthy brothers. I recently sold a HQ/ PSP box of SW’s I think I got in 14 or sometime around there to someone for near cost I think $350 give or take and he flipped them to a guy that gave them out in packages to golfers in a golf outing. It shouldn’t have pissed me off as much as it did but I wasn’t looking to make money just reinvest in other stock I have time to actually smoke. Mostly wanted them to find a good home for an appreciate host as strange as that sounds.

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