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  1. Last night I had an Arturo Fuente Short Story. First cigar in weeks, not bad, not cuban.
  2. Sometimes I will smoke it way down, but usually I just leave an inch. Agree that if youre gonna review a cigar, you gotta smoke it down to the allow the flavors to evolve.
  3. I dont really have a preference. From purely appearance, I think red looks better.
  4. samb


    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Interesting info. Thats the sort of stuff that should make it into the magazine.
  6. I have a theory which I will expand on tomorrow wink.gif Please answer the following for me: 1. I offer you four cigars from which you can choose: Long Skinny/Robusto/Piramide/Churchill. Which would you choose? Long/Skinny 2. You are on my deck, Beer/Wine/straight Rum/Water....which would you choose? Wine 3. Cat person/Dog person/ Hate both. Which are you? Definitely dogs!! 4. Car Guy or Bike guy? What Marque? Car, which I have now. Functional SUV for actual sport utility in the future. Foreign makers. 5. Occupation Criminal justice 6. Single/Married or escaped (divorced)? How long? Married-9monts. 7. Other favourite hobby outside of cigars? Wine, reading. 8. Do you read a newspaper daily (online or physical)? Not the paper, but the headlines on my local news site. 9. Favourite movie? None in particular, though Cemetery Man comes to mind. 10. Favourite meal? I love just about anything, Italian stands out.
  7. Very interesting reflections. The bit about cigarettes brings out a sense of nostalgia for me, as I can understand how he must felt.
  8. Happy Anni FOH!!! Here's to the visionaries that made this site possible!!

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