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  1. So which one is better for odor elimination? From what I've found it appears that the ozone generator is the way to go.
  2. Pot Larranaga is a worthy candidate. I will go with Ramon Allones. Some very interesting options including RAC and Petite Coronas that should generate great interest if they are re-invented. An 8-9-8 production closer to the legacy 8-9-8s would be welcome also. (Does it show that I’m not a big fan of the German RE release?).
  3. Congratulations to the Broccoli family! You've taken a proven formula that has generated one of the most successful franchises in movie history and turned it completely on its head. Spot on thinking and worthy of an appropriate bonus to the corporate clear-thinking individual who conceived the idea!
  4. 1. Ramon Allones Seleccion Suprema 2. Diplomatico Bushido Honorable Mention - La Escepcion Selectos Finos
  5. RA 8-9-8s (the originals) - my all-time favorite RA Coronas (cabs) Partagas Lonsdales (cabs) PL Encantos
  6. I'd wipe them down but then I'd smoke them soon. My experience is that once moldy they are prone to redevelop it.
  7. If someone wants to pay me that amount I've got multiple boxes to sell. Heck I'll even throw in free shipping!

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