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  1. Celebration day! 20th anniversary with my company today and was promoted to Vice President. Zacapa XO and and Esplendido should do.
  2. Walleye fishing on vacation with an ex 4. 20 D4 watching the sun go down with the fireflies.
  3. First Esplendido ever. Bought from FOH in cardboard packs a few months back, so unsure of the date. Giving my Siglo V’s a fun for their money. I will see how she finishes, but so far outstanding.
  4. Yes, the drink(s) was cold and the cigar smooth. And did I miss Lol. Don’t get many of these nights, had to enjoy it. Cheers!
  5. Wife and kids are gone tonight, easily replaced by a Siglo IV and an old fashioned
  6. Handpicked PSD4 rott. I find they are smokable and generally good only the day I get them, then they have to rest. This is fantastic.
  7. It is from waxing moon. And it is walnut. He does a great job of matching the grain and works with you to pick whatever you want. Turnaround was only 3 weeks and is very reasonably priced compared to other hand made boxes out there.
  8. Had this small desktop built and it arrived today. Tired of digging through the cooler boxes every day to find something to smoke. Figured I could load this up to help avoid digging into the boxes that are resting.
  9. Coloniales and the first old fashioned of the spring
  10. PSP abo oct 17 ex 4. PSP December 20 sig IV from a couple of weeks ago
  11. Coloniales and cognac while the wife is out with friends for the night.
  12. After a run of very subpar cigars this week, this beauty restored my faith.
  13. Went 11 years from 2010 to last year. Had to quit smoking cigarettes so the cigars had to go to. Finally at a place where I can smoke them without craving a cigarette. Unfortunately I had stocked up courtesy of FOH and decided to sell my stock off for pennies on the dollar back then. Wish I would have just sat on them. A lot of great boxes including a full box of 08 sir winnies and 06 VR Classico’s...
  14. Coloniales to start the day. These are amazing. I could smoke them every day and be a happy man. We should have more cigars in this vitola. Just a perfect size.
  15. Looks great. What finish did you go with? Looks like cherry?
  16. Because who doesn’t need a nice pour of a good rye and a Siglo III at 10am on a Thursday?
  17. MSU DIC 17 Bolivar PC psp. the aroma from this box is pungent. Going to have to bury this one deep so I don’t dig in right away.
  18. MSU DIC 17 Bolivar PC psp. the aroma from this box is pungent. Going to have to bury this one deep so I don’t dig in right away.
  19. Sun is gone and snow is back. Great little rascc to start the day.

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