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  1. Cigar 2: Aroma of honey pre-light. Started with a big hit of cedar, slightly bitter. Had to relight, then flavors improved somewhat. Picked up mostly a hay like flavor, slight citrus note. Acrid taste returned, wrapper didn't seem to want to burn. Again had to relight, after which aroma of hay again dominated.
  2. Blind Review 1: Beautifully constructed cigar, silky wrapper, firm draw. 1/3: Plenty of sweet cream. 2/3: More cream, toasted nuts, touch of honey. 3/3: Cream vanished, earthy, coffee flavors emerged. Very enjoyable cigar. Interesting to note the similarities/discrepancies between the reviews posted so far.
  3. Wow, the current record is just under 13 minutes. With a dedicated training regimen it sounds like several of your coworkers could be in contention or easily make the Canadian Olympic squad.
  4. Happy Birthday, hope to see you in Singapore this May.
  5. Thank you very much Prez. I have been lucky so far, each new week is the one I'm convinced will see me fail to get more than 3 correct picks.

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