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  1. They are all cigars. It's a top Cigars of 2011, not top Cubans of 2011. And, there are some awesome NCs out there. It makes perfect sense.
  2. Hello there from Wisconsin. Welcome to the friendliest forum on the net.
  3. Shame on you random citizen! The Government is there to serve, and knows what is best for you! Stop pretending otherwise. Their efficiency knows no bounds. By the way... next on their docket... cigars may only be sold via picture-free catalogs written in braille.
  4. I was wondering, does anyone know if the Travel Retail Pack from 2008 have a date/factory code stamp anywhere on the packaging? Thanks.
  5. Wow. Is this lounge open to anyone? I'd love to stop by there on my next trip through the area.
  6. Many people that ship cigars over-humidify them to ensure they don't dry out in shipment. If it keeps wanting to go out, chances are it had too much moisture. (My guess.) I always put them in my humi to let them even out. They seem to come too dry, or too wet. Well. The Reyes doesn't come in a box of 11... so... I would wonder if you got the real deal. Personally, every Reyes I have ever smoked was nothing like your description. Love those little sticks.
  7. Interesting. Didn't know that. As for most of the stuff I can set you up with... it would require a trip to Europe. If that is a deal killer, let me know. If not, I'll send you more details. (Some of the dates are being set up now.) Most of the events are in Germany or Czech Republic. (Although, this year there may be some in Poland and/or Italy.)
  8. Strong work. Are they promoting you to Corporal in that pic? Now... if you're interested in earning some foreign jump wings... or shooting badges... let me know. I've got some connections that I think you could benefit from.
  9. Are you using distilled water? If not, you could be adding impurities to the beads.
  10. Geeze... from watching all the vids... I'm surprised you didn't try to blame Smitty...
  11. +1 on the hairdryer. Although, I run it on high, with the little attachment that focuses the air-stream. If it is HOT (as in... I wear some gloves while doing this...) you can take it off of a dress box with no damage to the box OR the hologram government seal. (I'm 2 for three on no damage to anything.)
  12. Drat. Saw them pop up, and didn't bother to read. Just the name and the price. :-(
  13. Ditto. I didn't buy a box because I'm not that patient. So... either we're doing a lot of flip-flopping on this stick... or... very different people have different view on these.
  14. 1. Trinidad Robusto Extra 2. Cohiba Behike 52 3. Partagas Culebras (Great cigar, and the most fun to have with my buddies.) RE/LE: RA Gordito de Allones
  15. I can figure out what you're using for most of it, except for the exhaust fan. Is it a special fan just for that tent? I think I'm missing something there...
  16. I seemed to have missed the Ramon Allones Extra Limited Edition 2011... Will there be more? Or, is that it?
  17. I will watch Twilight if it ends with Buffy showing up and slaying them all. Go team Buffy! (Sorry... Kirsten Whatsername has nothing on Sarah Michelle Gellar either...)
  18. Xicar. Period. I've done the cheap bit. But, they need to be replaced. I have two Xicars. One was a gift, the other a purchase... both are... wow... I want to say at least 6 years old. One has never had any problems. The other... a problem that was... lets say... externally introduced by severe trauma to the lighter that would never happen intentionally... send it in... replaced... no questions. Love them. Probably won't have to buy another one unless I lose it.
  19. Right now I'm listening to the guy in the next cube over from me slurp his coffee. No rhythm, not in tune... pretty much wish that it wasn't repeating like a skipping record...
  20. OK... you lost me... what does being pregnant have to do with this behavior?

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